People and the Environment

Hello again and welcome back to the blog. We have finished yet another project this time in the humanities side.

We stared out this project by picking a topic pitch and being sorted into groups based on our topic. My topic was deforestation so I got sorted into the forestry group. These groups didnt do much we never really got into them they where just kinda there i guess. Along the way we did other activities to extend or learning and knowledge we did a keynote sheet with a partner and we did some sort of baseline writing about if we are more protectors or destroyers of the environment. 

the driving question for this project was “how do people and the environment affect one another” and the goal for this project was to create a letter about an envomental problem in B.C. Now in order to send this letter we had a topic we had to write and research about. My topic changed from using too much paper to saving the Boreal Forests.

The first milestone was a letter conference. We had to gather a ton of evidence and research our problem. We also had to make an letter outline, then present it to our teachers to receive feedback. I did well on this becuase my letter outline was already pretty solid along with my research.

Milestones where a bit different this year. We only had 3 major milestones. One of them we where working on throughout the whole project. It’s a site called commonlit to help with writing and making connections  and finding evidence, all that stuff. I happen to not do the greatest on it with a 73% but it was pretty hard. You had to read story’s then write about it using evidence. Once we finished all of the commonlit assignments I was so happy and that was milestone 2. Then that directly leads into milestone 3. Milestone 3 wasn’t as bad as 2. For milestone 3 we had to connect one of the commonlit story’s and our letter. I chose a story called Lee Sherman and the toxic bayou which was a about a worker working on a power plant who was contaminating the environment. There was a a lot of connections, some where hard to understand but I still got a sun ☀️.

Final letter

After some revisions to our letters we where all ready to go and send them of. We had to put them in the envelope, write the address, all that stuff. Once we where ready to go our teachers had a “wonderful idea” of hand delivering the letters to a mailbox in the rain. My brand new all white hoodie got completely drenched. Once we found a mailbox another “spectacular idea” hit my teacher. She wanted to keep on walking to deep cove, still in the rain. But wait, once we got to deep cove we got a cheeky surprise. A singular Timbit from Tim Hortons. The taste was impeccable.

Now to answer the driving question, “how do people and the environment effect one another”. That’s a good question and if I poured all my thoughts an answers out this would be to long so I’ll answer in short form. Us humans take the environment for granted and don’t think about the repercussions of our actions on using the environment. We effect the environment in a very poor way by keep taking and taking from it. The environment also effects us through climate change and giving us clean air.

overall this was a good project to start off the year in humanities and has changed my view of the world. Anyways see ya next time.

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