Welcome back to another one of my blogs. This project was all about poems. Poems? Poems are for bozos you may say. I thought the same thing at the start of this project. Turns out I was wrong. This project was probably the easiest and most fun project of the year. Basically  we had to right a new poem or two every night about our worldview. Each night was a different type of poem, like haikus and similie.

The driving question for this project was how might I construct text to show who I am know? I feel like I did this pretty well because all of my poems represent me and show who I am now and what I enjoy. Now if im going to be honest, despite the multiple worldview projects I still haven’t completely developed my understanding for it. This project definitely helped and I’ve learned that worldview is everything. It’s just how you see the world. Either though different cultures, genders, age, influences its really unique and diverse to everyone.

I never really had a hard time writing poems but I did have a hard time writing my poems about my worldview. Most of them I think I did wrong and im not entirely sure that they show my worldview but oh well. So over the last 3 weeks we had to wright a total of 9 different poems than make a poem book with an audio statement, about me video and title page.

Overall I am very pleased with my poem book. I find my poems Definitely show my personality with trying to be funny and showing my interests. I also tried to use and apply the terms and methods we learned in class but its actually a lot harder then you’d think.

now you probably wondering… all this talk about this poem book. Let’s see it! You will be able to see it. At the very end. As of right now, here is the book cover of the poem. I’m not going to take credit here because the Carti album thing was Coltons idea but it dosnt look to shabby. I took playboi cartis best album (die lit) and made the faces all me.

This project was actually pretty hard. Well. It’d be SOOOOO much easier if I didn’t procrastinate. And I know I say that every time but this time I was actually on top of my work believe it or not! Then…. The weekend came and I didnt do anything the whole weekend so now, for this whole past week Ive been straight up GRINDING schoolwork. It’s all of my schoolwork I was behind on. I caught up on this quick but I didn’t even play any Xbox this week. Ive been going to bed at 2 am doing work than waking up at 7:30 am to do work. But hard work does pay off.

Anyways overall this project was a lot more fun than I though it would be and actually I kind of like writing poems now! Ive Recognized that poems can be completely random and still have a lot of meaning to them and that poems can be about literally anything you want. How do I think I did on this project tho? I think I did very well based off I did it all in 4 days. I only got like 3 wrong on the poetry test, completely understand all the terms, wrote all nine poems with my about me video, supporting stamens and voice recordings finished. Now for the highly anticipated book…

Die Litty by Landon Gonzalez!



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