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What it do young blud. Welcome back to another blog, probably one of the last ones of the year. Anyway this post is going to shorter then normal as I didn’t need to prepare that much. Anyway this isn’t really a project it’s more as a celebration some may say. This is about the spring exhibition!

What is an exhibition? Glad you subconsciously asked. Really it’s like a museum but more interesting and interacting. The students set up a circuit like pathway through each of the PLP rooms displaying their proudest work and documentary’s. Every year there’s a new theme and this year it was called impact. It was basically how plp works and the different stages of PBL learning. My station was the intro and to be honest it wasn’t the most exiting job. The idea of my station was it was like a transition from bored regular students to happy plp students showing the big difference and how plp is cool and stuff. Anyway my roll in all this was to just hand out candy and pamphlets at the very front with Colten and Cole. The setup was pretty easy as well because we didn’t need too many props for it to function. All I really did to help prepare was put a ton of candy in cups and fold a ton of pamphlets. I also helped a little bit with the ideas and positioning but my job was pretty simple so I didnt need to prepare for my part.

The project leading up to this exhibition was our documentary’s. (Micheal B Jordan Is Other Dad) If you happen to be interested in the stages to making my documentary click the blue words. Anyway we had to display these documentary at different parts of the stations to show off to our parents.

Handing out candy and pamphlets may sound boring and yes it was. Except for the part where me and Colten had to escort someone for stealing candy. Yes the sign may have free candy but still he already had 1 and it’s one per person. Anyway me and Colten where looking very intimidating with matching outfits. White button downs, jeans, nice shoes, watches and chains.

I know I’ve said that I didn’t do much multiple times so now I’ll talk about what I could do better and what I wish I could do for next year. Personally I wish I could contribute more to the story and the skits instead of sitting around. Next year I’m going take up more roles or more important roles and contribute so much more. I wish I could have helped more with the setup of the stations and projector and offer up some my skills to improve certain parts of the intro station. Next year I’m going to put a lot of time and effort into our winter exhibition and make sure it’s really good.

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