#Komagata Maru Was Not Lit 🙀

What the flip is up Slime Slatt Blog, El Gonzo here and today we will be exploring how not lit the Komagata Maru was. Now this project was a rare occurrence where the project tied into directly with the winter exhibition. The down side of this was that the project was VERY long but thankfully it wasn’t as boring as the last one.

we started off this project by watching some videos of political figures apologizing for different things. Following that we all had to research 3 major topics all kind of being surrounded by racism and immigration, Komagata Maru, Chinese Head tax and Japanese internment. We briefly studied these and watched a video while taking notes to form a quick write on our thoughts and what we learned. We did one more of these quick writes on another apology about Ukrainians.

the next following days we all got put into 3 different groups (the topics I listed above) and had to research our respective topics. I ended up doing Komagata Maru and out of all the groups I definitely new the least about this one. We spent around 2 and a half weeks researching our topics and finding evidence and organizing them into a primary source chart to help us understand the timeline of our event better and to make it easier to tell its story. Here is just 2 examples:

Once we finished finding all the info we needed to tell the story accurately we started to create our 1st keystone which would be a interactive slideshow about our event and its story. In order to do this we had to write down the info on the slide then code the slideshow to change slides with a tap of a button and all that. This was probably the easier part of the project although it was time consuming but because all we where really doing was copying what we had from our info sheets it wasn’t too hard



shortly after keystone 1 we had to write an audio script and record why our event was bad. Me being an expert procrastinator didnt do it till the last second and was told that I just had to do it verbally with no script. Light work and got a ☀️ on it because I’m him.


Now this is where things get a little rough. . . Remember how I said this project ties into the exhibition? Yes this is that part. So for the exhibition we had to make a memorial for our event and write some stuff up all that yk. I was partnered up with Zach and Dylan and since Zach and Dylan both did Japanese internment we decided to make our memorial on that. Our memorial was going to be a family in side a house with a white man running away from the house stealing their stuff and it was to all be made out of clay. The first few days was going pretty good ideas where flowing things where happening. Dylan wasn’t there until the end of the week then that’s when things got brutal. Dylan and Zach took over the clay building part and banished me to draw a complex background. Me being him I didn’t do it because it would take way to long and it would be easier to print it out instead.
Monday the next week I got brutally sick and missed all that week and the exhibition so I didn’t even get to see the final product or anything else. So I didn’t really help all that much with the process of it because I was gone the whole week leading up to it but hey that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

I guess somehow the exhibition tied into the new Avatar movie so we went and watched that. Thankfully I was feeling a lot better but honestly the movie low key sucked and was too long and all that. But anyways in conclusion this project was pretty good as I definitely learned a lot about Komagata Maru and Canadas past and it was kinda fun making the slideshow. In the future i probably shouldn’t procrastinate as much as I did in this project but I still feel very good and accomplished about the outcome.




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