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This blog post is a reflection on the most recent project in PLP and the first project of grade 10. If you’ve been following along with my previous posts, then you know we have been working on a political party to run in the Canadian election. My group included Johnathan, Jordan and Keenan. We named our party the Hippopotamus Party of Canada and we based our campaign on the housing crisis in Canada. The housing cost in Canada has spiked to its highest point and it is harder than ever to get a home in populated places such as Vancouver and Toronto.

For those of you who haven’t seen the previous posts, or for those who want to watch it again, here is our campaign.

I really enjoyed making this video, especially the coming up with ideas part. the whole goal of our video was to be as professional as possible without actually being professional hence the shorts and a suit top. it was really funny to come up with crazy ideas with my friends for what we could do with our video. while we couldn’t put in all the ideas we chose some of the best ones to use on our video. Overall I would say that with only an hour and a half of filming and an hour and a half of editing we did a pretty good job with making a fun video about a new Canadian political party.

I think we could have improved on managing our time more wisely. while we did complete the video and we did do a good job of it, I think that managing our time better would have led to us having more shots that weren’t rushed so we could have better quality.

in working through the creation of our political party we realized that a lot of parties don’t actually pay attention to the bigger issues and instead focus on the ones that will get them elected. the only way to change this is if we the people demand that our political parties put forward larger scale and longer term detailed plans on how they will address larger issues that have a bigger impact on the day to day life of Canadians over the longer term. It is easy to use buzz words and hot button issues to convince people to vote for you, but as we learned earlier in the year and I discussed in my post ‘Politics In Canada’,  politicians say a lot of things that they will never follow through on and do. Only when the people demand real solutions instead of fancy words, and hold our politicians accountable to follow through on promises will things really change.

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