Hey! In school my class got an assignment quite similar to the other photography post I made last week but this one is with portraits and my amazing face🙂.

The first challenge we got assigned was to make a portrait using cool angles.

This one I though was quite interesting because if you look at it for a while it’s hard to tell what’s actually happening. This was in the dark with my iPad facing up and I had a light above it to make a cool effect.

The second portrait photo that we had to make was fun because I love flips. The only problem with this is my hair was getting in my face when I was trying to smile 😃 at the camera.

 This one was all about framing the photo and trying to make you look at it as if it was framed. In this I was hiding inside a box that others made as a project and peeking my head out.

I really liked making this silhouette because I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of all color and I had to do a lot of app smashing to get this finished product. The way I made it though is I found a consistent background( green screen) and I used a lot of keynote to instant alpha this and I had to screenshot what I had and try it on another app.

And lastly I tried recreating an old photo from almost 3 years ago now and only now seeing them back to back I’ve noticed that I did the flip the wrong way. I tried doing the backflip as similarly as I could.

Overall I had an amazing time trying these portraits and I would love to make them better if we did this again.



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