My Worldview Reflection

👋 It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted so sorry about that. If you look at my other posts you might notice that there’s a few about worldviews. The reason for that is because that’s the whole theme of my grade eight year. With that being said, we did another assignment on worldview and here’s what we did.


The goal of the project was to answer the driving question which was “How has moving from Elementary School to Secondary School Challenged your worldview?”

The way this was shown was through rewriting the lyrics to “Its The End Of The World As We Know It” By R.E.M. and eventually singing it with a video to go with it.

We started this project by learning about how a worldview can be challenged through different changes. One great example that we learned about were the Crusades that happened throughout 1095-1291 when the Christians came in contact with the Muslims. This started a war that lasted 100 years when they were trying the fine their “Holy Land”. We learned from this, how their worldview had been challenged and how they started living differently from it.


After that we used the app called “MindNode” to brainstorm what has changed since and how our worldview was challenged. We had 7 aspects of worldview to talk about which were, society, geography, time, economy, values, knowledge, and beliefs.


After we made this we shared our ideas with each other to make a triple Venn diagram comparing what we thought to what the experts thought.


After we did all this we finally got started on making the song.

We started by listening to the song a few times and looking at the lyrics to get a sense of where and when the rhymes are. We also listened to Stephen Colbert do another parody to see how others remade the song


Now that we knew what to do we started the song writing by getting a copy of the lyrics and made it into our worldview. Over the course of about a week we finished the song writing and it became time to sing the song. My first attempt at singing the song was really bad, so bad that it took me about 30 minutes to actually say anything into the microphone because I wasn’t used to doing stuff like this at all. Eventually I finished my first draft with many mistakes. The good part is it was only a draft and we got another couple days to make a new one. This one was better but not amazing, so we partnered up with someone random and we had 20 minutes to critique each other’s work to make a better draft next time. I got patnered up with Ben and he told me for my next draft that I should.


And those changes gave me this draft of the song.


After this Ms. Willemse changed the project to combine all our songs together so we can see the similarities in how our worldviews have been challenged. We did a similar process as before but this time we got into groups of 4 and grabbed the best parts from each other’s songs to finally get the end product you see in this video. If you are wondering the people who were making this song with me are,  Anders, Ally, and Angelo



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