Destination Imagination Regionals

I Hello 👋 Recently my school participated in DI (Destination Imagination). DI is a competition that showcases different types of challenges and games. There is a team challenge where you get a while to prepare for and instant challenges which you can’t really do much to prepare for. These instant challenges are either task based challenges or performance based challenges. These focus on your teamwork and your ability to come up with a solution to the problem they give you in only minutes. If you haven’t heard of DI here’s the link to their website.


Now it’s time to talk about me😁 and my experience with DI.

Firstly I was apart of the engineering challenge where my group and I had to make a freestanding structure that could support as much weight as possible. The structure had to be at least 7.5 inches tall and no taller than 9 inches. That alone sounds, honestly quite easy but the harder part is this structure has to weight less than 175 grams and had to trigger a special effect when weights were placed on it. After a while our final structure was this.


And thank you to Alexandria who made this video for our group



In the engineering challenge one of the requirements were to make a sudden appearance of a monster in our script which was one of the many challenges we faced and we went through many drafts of different scripts. We eventually changed almost everything and got this as our final product.


Script-Version 3-1ugyfi8


And even after all that effort the script still has so much that needs to change, and a huge thanks to Matthew for writing the script.

One of the more unique parts of DI is the idea of the team choice element. The team choice element is anything you want to add to your presentation and it shows what separates you from everyone else. My groups first team choice element was choreographing a dance to the song “Power Of Love”. Benjamin and I made this first team choice element but honestly I think Ben deserves more of the credit for it.

And here’s a video of us practicing the finished dance choreography (Ben was sick that day).



For our second team choice element, since Ben has used Garage Band before we decided to make a background song which you can hear after the Evil Barista tell me to do “something productive”.


And finally we have our final performance.


Although we did not present as well as we were hoping we actually got first in both categories and I’m really excited compete in Provincials!


Thank you to Benjamin, Alexandria, Matthew, Holly, and Emily for working really hard and making this final presentation.


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