PGP Final Assignment

In PGP we have learned tons. Recently we were asked to make something that you could send back to yourself at the start of the year, that would benefit you throughout your life. We were allowed to show this in any way we wanted.


We started by making a thesis. I said my thesis was, goal setting is the most important thing that I have learned in PGP. We were also told that our thesis is what we will have to represent and follow for the rest of the project.


After we we were done that we had figure out how to show Goal Setting, The 7 Habits, and Productivity. Once we had figured out all of this I got the approval from Ms Willemse and I was able to start.


My idea to represent this was by making a bike video with a custom trail that I made. I was trying to show the path that you will find yourself when trying to achieve a goal and how to overcome it with The 7 Habits. I say this was my idea but it was one that I modified quite a bit from my friend Thomas’s idea whom was kind enough to let me use it and help me on making the trail.


I started the trail with a jump that is scary but not very hard the reason I did this is to show how scary it is to commit to a goal even though it often is very hard. After that I made a few easier jumps with some fun flow to show how it is much easier than you thought it was. Although it isn’t actually because you will often run into some sort of road bump that will slow or put your progress to a halt. To show this I made an uphill section in the trail. Using the 7 Habits it is easy to overcome this to achieve your goal.




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