Colonizing In A Tempest

Sup, I’m back!


In Humanities we’ve been preparing for this presentation for a little while now and I want to tell you all that lead up to this great performance.


Our driving question was… How can we use Shakespeares “The Tempest” and the history of New France to stage dramatic tableaus that help an audience understand the lasting effects of colonization?

We started by looking at Act 1 Scene 1. Before we continued the rest we tried doing improv on this scene. In doing this we learned that it didn’t matter about the lines and all the details. We realized that the only thing that really matters is the storyline makes sense.



After we continued to look at the rest of the play whilst filling out an active reading form to show our understanding.


While all this was happening we were learning all about Colonization in new New France and the effects of it.


Once we did A TON of research we started our play.



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