Spring Exhibition 2019 + Blue Sky


The last little while has been filled with lots of stress. One of the reason why is because we were working on Blue Sky.


Blue Sky is a project that PLP does every year and one thing that makes it so great is that we get to make whatever we want and present it to all the people at the Exhibition.


The product that I made was a bike water bottle cage which you could mount anywhere on your bike. I got this idea because I didn’t like that the only place you could mount a water bottle cage was the down tube (the bottom of the bike). This is because it is exposed to more of the trail and could get lost or damaged.


To do this I used the LAUNCH process to better understand how to create my product. After many interviews I came up with my first prototype.


I gave this to a friend to test it out and I got some feedback on it.


Using these three things I came up with a way to improve for my final prototype and this is what it looks like now.

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