Game Of Exponents


Over the past few weeks my math 9 class has been working on a fun project. This project was a game to teach others about exponents and exponent laws.


We started this project by getting into small groups and started brainstorming to get us used to making games. We also did this with mathematical equations that were changing for each one. The next day we got into different groups trying to solve an equation without knowing how to use exponents. This showed us the importance of exponents and throughout the next couple weeks we spent that time working in learning exponents and getting used to them. After awhile we were ready to start our project.


We got into groups of 2 and started brainstorming. After a long time of stressing about not having any ideas Findlay and I thought of an idea…. Then another….. and another… but finally we found one that we both thought would work.




This idea was to make a game similar to Cards Against Humanities and Apples To Apples. Our game was named memes.


Here are the rules and how to play

Open Meme game


Overall I really liked this project. The only problem was my partner was sick for a lot of it so it felt quite rushed at the end but if I were to have a little more time I think this game could be much better.


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