How does place impact who you are?

Recently my class and I went on a trip to Alberta to answer this driving question      ‘How does place impact who you are?’.

If you asked me this question before the trip it would feel more like a guess and not a real answer. After this trip I feel like I can have a real answer to this and here’s what I learned.

After that you might be wondering more about what the trip was like, if not… Too bad.


Just like last year PLP took us on an overnight field study to somewhere really cool. Last time it was in Oregon and this time we got the chance to explore Alberta and learn about all its cool tourist attractions. We started this trip by waking up really and going straight into learning… After some food obviously. The first night we stayed at the Three Valley Lake hotel. Beside it there was a ghost town were we split into small groups and got the chance to make a cool film. The best part of this



hotel was they had a pool which was the only opportunity on the trip to go swimming, so I obviously did. After that we went to many museums and got many tours. One that stood out for me was the Colombian Icefield. The reason I thought this was different than the other tours is because you really can’t find that anywhere because glaciers aren’t that common anymore. We also spent almost a full day there so I learned a lot more than I would normally. This was also different because everyone seemed quite happy there and ready to learn. This isn’t out of disinterest but I found a lot of tours we were all wanting to go back to the hotels and sleep but this didn’t seem to be the case when we were at the glacier.


We also all made a personal journal for the trip to capture our thoughts after everyday.


Open Liam’s Alberta Daily Note


For everyday, our teacher Ms Maxwell gave us a question to answer and if you look through I answered the driving question multiple times and I think it is a great way to show how my answer changed throughout the trip.


So after an eight day trip through Alberta my answer to the driving question it our culture. I feel this part of our life can really shape who we are as a person. When we visited the Glenbow museum we were taught about, what culture really means.

There are 12 things that we wrote down as a class that capture what culture really means. In the end I think there are two things that really define Canadian culture and that is Drake and Justin Bieber… Im joking 🙃. It is our history and religion. Not all. places accept every religion so I think because of this you will see many different types of people coming from anywhere. I also chose history too because our history is what shaped the country to what it is today. If you read closely to my daily journal I actually wrote this wrote this down and even after the trip I still think this is the real answer to my driving question.










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