Running A Remake


In our maker class we’ve been learning about filmmaking. We focused on recreating this short film. In doing so we broke down what goes into making a film. We started by making a screenplay based on what we saw in this video.

We moved onto the storyboard for this project. Instead of doing a normal storyboard we wanted to revisit a skill that we learned about last year. We made an animated storyboard using the keynote magic move.




Once this was finished we got a start on recreating this film.

After this first video we revised and got critique from other groups. Using this we were able to make our final video.

I think this final video was really good in the end. Although there are a few camera angles we could’ve done better. I think I could’ve provided more audio for my group. I also think we could’ve made the costumes a little closer to the original. Besides those changes I’m honestly really happy with how this final video turned out and I learned a lot about what goes into making a film.

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