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What do you do with a sick chemist?

If you can helium, you can’t curium, you might as well go barium.

If you didn’t know already, I’ve been learning about Chemistry in Scimatics 9. If you want to see more that we’ve done so far in Scimatics you can click here to my other blog post. 

Project Overview,

For the Chemistry unit this year we were asked to show our learning by making an animation showing covalent and ionic bonding. At the start of this project we had chosen tree elements, one multivalent metal, one polyatomic ion, and one covalent compound. The ones I chose were Mercury (Hg), Hydroxide (Oh), and Chloroform (ChCl). 

My Competencies,

Big Idea

The first competency we chose to focus on was the big idea. This was to demonstrate our overall understanding of chemistry. One way I chose to show this was making sure I had some key words that we’ve been focusing on in this project. 


Our second competency was to communicate clearly and effectively. Something I focused on to show this competency was making sure the audio was very clear and easy to understand. I focused on this until I found myself spending way too much time doing the voiceover and redoing the entire voiceover about 5 times.

Processing and Analyzing

To demonstrate this competency I focused on going into great detail on how the elements bond and what happens after they bond. I also went into detail about where the electrons are going and what happens when the charges aren’t even.

Questioning and Predicting 

In this competency we had to demonstrate our interest in what we were learning. I think I did well in this competency as I kept an interest throughout the project of what we were learning. I also think I worked quite well getting good results at the end.

Project End MindMap 

This is a mind map of things that I didn’t know before that I now know after doing this project.


As you can probably tell, I didn’t know much about chemistry at the start of this project. That is why I think it is so great that I learned this much and I guess we will just have to wait for the next project to see what I learn.


So I’ll see you then! Bye👋

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