A Story Strikes Back | Winter Exhibition 2019







The story you see here was actually written by me! Yes, I know….. It’s pretty great but that’s not the only thing I’ve been working on recently.

As you probably already know around this time before winter break we have a huge project and we show our learning through what we’ve created and by showing it to everyone else by telling the people at the Winter Exhibition. 

Last year we had a theme of religion for the Winter Exhibition. This year, we got another religion one too! Instead of talking about Hinduism I got the opportunity to talk to people about the religion that is the Star Wars trilogy. Yes, it is a religion. 

Anyway, our goal for this exhibition was to make a story that works with our planet. The planet my group got was Endor, and when you think of Endor you’ll probably also think about the Ewoks that live there. Once we got this as our planet we immediately knew to write a story about the Ewoks since they hadn’t got much backstory behind them in the films. After we established this we also decided on what Ewok we wanted to write a story about. The Ewok we had decided to write about was Nikki, and we chose her because she had no backstory about her and this would give us a lot of freedom to what her story will be.

A challenge I had when making my part for this project was making the story fit into the story others were making. Im used to making stories as an individual project so it was hard for me to properly set the tone for the whole story as my part was the first of the seven episode adventure for Nicki the Ewok. Due to this I had many things to revise on as they didn’t properly fit into what the others were saying. I think this taught me to communicate better to all my group members and it also taught me how to properly make revisions and give critique to others.

A competency we were asked to focus on in this project was create. As you can probably guess this is all about what skills we use which lead up to our final assignment. I believe this project forced to use my critical thinking skills. An example of when I used this skill is when my part had too many words in it. I had to make many revisions adding things but I couldn’t fit anymore words into my story without it being ridiculously long. My solution for this was adding what I needed in the story and taking out the parts which were unnecessary.




After multiple drafts and revisions we could move over to the Maker portion of this. In this we were asked to make something that symbolizes a significant part of our story. As you can see in my story there’s a part where C3PO arrives on Endor using a Shuttle Tydirium. I chose to make a this ship as my symbol because it shows how the meaning of one thing can have such a huge reaction on the rest of the people.


I also didn’t want this ship to be boring so I decided to learn a new skill while making it. I hadn’t done much with clay modelling so thats why I wanted to make a clay model of the ship. While we were doing this we were also documenting our struggles in the LAUNCH book. We’ve done this book last year and is something that I will be doing in the future too. 




Take creative risks:

Our competency for the Maker part of this project was taking creative risks and using technology to do so. I feel that I’ve shown this competency quite well as I’ve learned a new skill and I’ve showed my struggles with this through to LAUNCH book.

After a lot of work I feel this was the best exhibition that I have worked on so far and I’m really looking forward to what we’ll get to make in the Spring Exhibition. 

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