SBC Reflection



In the student blogging challenge this year we had seven other blog posts. Each were leading up to what I will be talking about now. 


Each week the challenges got a little more challenging and I feel this could be very helpful to people who are new to blogging. For me I feel this wasn’t really the case. Since I had already done this challenge last year I think it would be great if the challenges changed more and each explored a new blogging technique. So to conclude this challenge I feel that it was a great experience and pushed me to revisit some old blogging skills but other than that I feel this challenge isn’t for me.

Moving forward with the blogging I feel this challenge has definitely encouraged me to work on things that I’m not very good at. Also this blog is for school so you can look forward to the other post I will make and this time they’ll be that much better since this challenge has made me a better blogger. I’ve actually already done some posts while doing this challenge too and you can definitely see a difference  in the quality of my posts since. An example is the Take Your Kid To Work Day post that I made (click here to see it)



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