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Hello and welcome back to my amazingly average blog. Over the past few weeks we’ve been learning about confederation for our Humanities 9 class. 

Driving Question:

How and Why did Canada develop into a nation?

 The way we chose to answer this question was by making an advertisement advertising the demands we would want if we were apart of the making of the confederation.

This didn’t actually go as planned since not every colony was happy with the demands of others. Due to this confederation never happened in the end. This obviously isn’t actually how the confederation went, back in the 1800s but it was a great way to learn about the confederation and to put ourselves in their shoes and to come across some of the problems they may have faced when making the confederation.

This project was also much more than just making a video. We also had many fun assignments leading up to this. One of these assignments was a debate involving the whole class. We did this because there were many debates when making the confederation and we wanted this whole project to seem as close as possible to the real thing. Something that I think could’ve made this even better was if we took it less as a presentation and more as a real debate. Similar to the ones we saw when we were analyzing the movie The Birth Of A Country. We obviously wouldn’t allow fighting, like we saw in the movie but if we made it similar to what it was really like it could’ve been more educational and everyone would want to be more involved in the debate. 

As you can see my group was representing New Brunswick in the confederation and my group members were Ben, Ciara, Owen, and Emily. Although this isn’t the best video I’ve ever been apart of making, I still believe it was quite good and this video sets it self apart from my other video as I’ve never made a video using a green screen. Since this was my first video with a green screen I think it is one of my favourite to look back on as I have plenty of room to improve on in the future.

My competencies:


I’ve used and shown the create competency throughout the whole project because of all the collaborating we had to do. On top of communicating with my group the whole time we also had to focus on staying creative so our video didn’t get boring. An example of some of the creative tasks we took, were the transitions between speakers. We wanted to have the transitions relating to what was being said and I feel this was a great way to make our video different and unique from the others. So with these two things it was quite difficulty ensuring our final video would be good. I think in the end we were able to do so effectively but it definitely did challenge us. 


I believe the best way to see the way I’ve used this competency was at the end of the project when we had to decide if we wanted to sign the confederation or not. Using all of the information we gathered it was then when I had to use that to make the decision and that is where I feel this competency was shown. Another time we used this competency was when we were deciding our demands as we had to research about New Brunswick and figure out some problems that could be solved by joining confederation.

So in the end I really enjoyed how we did this project and I thought it was a unique way to learn and although the colonies didn’t sign for confederation in my class. We still learned all about how the real confederation from 1867 had all the colonies and territories join confederation eventually. Over 100 years. Actually until 1999, provinces and territories were still joining!  It did take awhile for everyone to be apart of confederation but it was definitely different than to what happened to my class’s confederation attempt. I also believe this project has pushed everyone to focus on skills they might not have to use to this extent very often. Similar to how it did for me with staying creative and collaborating more.



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