Destination Imagination Online?

Hello and welcome back to my blog. It is very weird times that we are living in. I hope everyone is doing well and has adapted to staying inside. This whole situation with Covid19 is predicted to end by the time summer comes around, so at least we have something to look forward to. Until then we have to find other things to do while we’re self isolating. Not only do we have to self isolate, all gatherings are canceled.

This leads us to the topic of the post which is the Destination Imagination Provincial Tournament. You’re also probably wondering why I’m writing a post about it since it has been canceled. Well, it hasn’t been canceled for PLP students. Thanks to our teachers we had a way to still present what we had been working very hard on.

Before this was all considered an epidemic, we had some time between regionals and now to make changes to our performance, since I was not at regionals there was a lot to do. With the time that we were given we were able to make many revisions to our story and even give me a part in the story. Not only did we do that but we also spent a lot more time adding detail and texture to our backdrop as it was one of our team choice elements. By the time we finished those two things. Spring break had started and so did the world wide pandemic. This was a big surprise that it would get to this point so we didn’t think we could present in the end.

Fast forward a couple weeks and we all got introduced to the app called Zoom. Using this app we were able to find creative ways to solve this problem and we had successfully made an online DI presentation. Not only did we present, we also got to do an instant challenge. We also did all this with about a week to plan. A week sounds like a lot of time to revise a presentation but this wasn’t like a normal DI presentation. Since we didn’t have any props, costumes, tools, the schools vending machine snacks, or backdrop. It was tough to work around this but we did in the end with the combined brain power of 5 tired teenagers.

Using the virtual background we were able to share images of our backdrop to add to the story.

So in the end what this post has taught me is anything is possible with lots of effort (actually not everything). It also showed me how to think more creatively with a group and how to overcome challenges by using creative solutions which you can see I we were pushed to make a lot of these creative solutions. It also showed me how much is possible using technology and something like this doesn’t have to be done in person.

Stay Safe! 👋

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