Louis Riel

Welcome back to my not so amazing blog! The topic of this post is all about Louis Riel. He was the leader of the Métis back in the mid 1800s. The reason he was worth learning about is because there is some who believe he was evil and some who believe he was their saviour, so his unique story was really fun to analyze and follow along with.

Driving Question:
How can we present past actions and decisions through images to help us make decisions of what is fair or unjust?


Our competencies for this project.

How do I understand my own and others personal connections to texts I read, listen, and view?

I believe I showed this competency through doing the research and the assignments we did. To better understand Louis Riel’s life not only did we read and do research about him but we also did assignments like the paragraph we wrote to better understand what he might’ve been going through. I think the best example I have of showing this competency was from the paragraph I wrote about Riel’s time when he got locked up in an insane asylum. In this paragraph I talked about what I believed really happened as in the story they talk about what was going on inside his mind, which I believe could’ve not been so true to real life due to drugs he could’ve taken before that.

How do we decide if the actions and decisions of the past were fair or unjust, or should have not been taken?

There was a lot of debate as to which it as the right decision to execute Louis Riel in the end. We also had a few assignments directly connecting competency. An example of one of these would be the class debate we did. In this debate we were slip into two sides, one of these were arguing for the execution and the other was arguing about by it wasn’t fair to execute Louis Riel. So the reason I think this is so fitting is because we used our research and knowledge of this subject to form our own unique opinion. Another assignment that a believe directly connects to this was our final conclusion essay. In this, we were asked to talk about Riel and if he was there for good or bad. To form an opinion of my own I had to think about all the reading and research we were doing throughout this project.


So in conclusion I thought this project was good. Although I did miss the last couple of milestones for this project (for ski/snowboard team provincials) I still had a blast with the things I got to do before that. If you would like to see what I missed you can check out Asha’s blog post as she was my partner for this project and did a great job although I wasn’t there to provide much help.

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