What Makes The Red Man Red?

Disneyland is a place where people go to have a good time and everyone loves it. Or so I’ve been told. It seems a little too crowded for me to enjoy it but at least if i do go now there wouldn’t be half of the American population like there was on their opening day in 1955.

Since then, Disneyland has changed a lot as you can probably imagine. Technology has improved and that has meant rides have too. Every ride since the 50s, a lot has been changed but some weren’t changed quite as much as you’d expect.

Peter Pan was released in 1904. Just like the Disneyland rides you’d think there would be some outdated things in that, and you’d be very correct. What you probably didn’t expect was those outdated things are still on the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland.


During the Peter Pan ride, they still had this scene as apart of the ride. It got quite a few people angry as it is very stereotypical and racist. Not only that but this is a version from the 50s. So after about 50 years since the original was made they didn’t think twice about this scene and now in 2021 they only just now realized how offensive this scene actually is. The whole point of this blog post was to figure out why it took them so long to remove the scene and after extensive research, I have finally found no answer and I still don’t know why this ride is only now being reimagined. 

In conclusion, Disney is handling this situation well and they plan to revise this ride along with all of splash mountain for reasons similar to the Peter Pan ride.

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