Will Trudeau Solve Any Problems?

Hello and welcome back to my superior blog. I am now in grade 11 which means I should know how to start a blog creatively but I still choose to say “hello and welcome back”.

After $610,000,000 wasted, Canadians are yet to be happy with the leadership and governing in Canada. In my opinion Canadian politics are handled fairly well thanks to the the fact that we are a parliamentary democracy, meaning every adult has a small voice in how the following term will be. They obtain this voice by voting for the party with similar values to their own. A big problem with this system is that a large percentage of Canadians are often left dissatisfied with either the party that gets elected or how the prime minister and their party is resolving problems. 

One question I have after seeing the results of the 2021 election is, will Trudeau’s now extended term allow him to actually act on his promises? For example the Liberal party has stated in the past that he would cut cell phone and internet rates by 25%. Has there been any action? No. Famously, in 2015 he stated that the 2015 election would be the last first past the post vote. That being our voting system to this day means that he failed to implement his proportional representation system. I hope that despite his many political ploys in the past, he takes however long his minority lasts to commit to following through.



Since Trudeau only has a minority and failed to get the majority in the 2021 election, there’s not much change happening anytime soon. If he did decided to move forward with his proportional representation I’d be surprised. Having a minority government means his parliament wont last as long as that of a majority. That’s why it was pretty upsetting to hear him call an unnecessary election causing a lot of money to be wasted due to the pandemic, while his second term as a minority was going just fine. 

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