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The video above was our final demonstration of the driving question for this project. Which was, how should we govern ourselves. To demonstrate a full understanding and make our own press release video, we did a lot to get there. 


          It started by our interest in Niklas Luhmann’s work and his idea of Zetelkasten note taking.

Niklas Luhmann is one of the most pre-eminent social theorists of the 20th century

– Mathias Albert

Not only was he very well known for his other work, he also pioneered a new way of taking and processing notes. Which has been beneficial to us as we’ve been learning all about the structure of our current government and more. I found it to be very confusing at first as it felt unorganized and unnecessary to be writing down everything and connecting it to things which seem to have no correlation at all. Over time I found that it doesn’t have to be organized the way he did or the way anyone else does. Although I do think connecting and tagging your notes is a useful way to store and process ideas. 


          After learning about the government and reflecting on the most recent Canadian election, we started to talk about what we would’ve done as there seemed to be a lot of opinions and what if’s, on how our government should be run. Instead of pondering the idea of what the perfect party would look like in our eyes. We decided to actually make it a thing 

Which is where the Ubiquitous Party Of Canada (UPC) comes in. If you want to see more about the platform we made and what our goals, values, and beliefs are. Click here. 

Since my last post, my group and I have been working hard on taking that platform and making it into an advertisement for our party. Here are some that we looked at.

Like any video project, we started with the boring yet most important part of making a good video which is making a screenplay. You’ve heard me talk about it before in many other posts (Ex. Running A Remake) and this one wasn’t any different. Something I haven’t talked very much on was making a good story board. If you have a very small team of people working towards making a video, it isn’t very important but a screenplay is often wrote with a small team of people. From there the screenplay is shown to others. Although, if you’re not the one writing it, it is sometimes hard to visualize what the screenplay writers were thinking. Which is why a storyboard is so important. A storyboard makes it much easier to not only visualize what the end result will look like but it also comes handy when filming as you know what shots to take and what they’re being used for.

How to make a storyboard


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