TPOL! Yay!

Yay! First tpol! (I’m scared, nervous, going to absolutely sob, cry my eyes out, and the yay was very sarcastic. I really don’t wanna do this, but here I am. […]

Gotta Go Fast

Hello people of the internet. I’m back again with another awesome blog, and we have just finished another project in humanities. Also, it’s our last one in semester one. We […]

Circus circuits

Hello everybody. IT’S THE END OF THE LAST PROJECT OF SCIENCE!! I love science, so this is very sad. I kind of wish we would’ve done a project on astronomy, […]

It’s time for MPOLs. It’s my first Mpol, and I’m really nervous about it. This is the pol declaration that we have to say every time before we start our […]

Coasters roller

With Maker coming to an end, we didn’t have enough time to start another project, so we did something fun. Building rollercoasters! It was really similar to some STEM projects […]

Vive La Nation!

Hello everyone. At the start of this project, we did a simulation in the fictional world of Nation X. I did a blog about it, and if you want to […]

First Exhibition(kind of)

Hello everyone of the Internet. Welcome. It’s time for yet another blog, and we had finished another project. The driving question for this project is: what does James Cameron’s fantasy […]

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog. `We have finally completed the first sector in Maker. In it, we did some goal setting and video making. All of our skills […]

Nation X — Simulation

Hello people. Welcome to my blog. we have started a new project in Humanities called Storm The Barricades. We started a simulation in our class and we were unevenly divided […]