In the last humanities project, we did a whole lot of research and sourcing the information and images. The end product is to create a book where we will be […]

The POL (tPOL #2)

Holy moly. It’s the end of the school year already. It feels like each year passes by faster and faster. (There is a scientific reason behind this phenomenon and physiological […]

Two Dragons Gave Me Feedback

Soooo…uhhhhh… I had preeeetttyyyy wild encounter on Thursday. I was all dressed up, black jeans and blue button-up shirt tucked under, and there were two dragons just sitting there! What’s […]

Hello people. I just did my first ever DI tournament. Wooooo. Yeah. DI stands for Destination Imagination, and it’s this global event that happens every year. Students from all over […]

Chapter 1 KEPLER 1C, Slifield. 2153, 3 years into the war. “Take cover!” someone yells. I look over to see a grenade that has landed near by, and before I […]

A Little Peek Into The “Crazy”

Hi. Welcome. We are around half way through a project, and it has been pretty crazy. I won’t tell you much for now, but here is something that I’ve made […]

An Identity Crisist

Who are you going to be? This question doesn’t ask what are you going to do, but what kind of person do you aspire to be? To answer this question, […]


Hellooo people. Welcome back. Another project, another blog (I feel like I’ve used that before in another one of my blogs). Anyways, this project was about memorials and the discrimination […]

Happy Make Good

Heeeelloooo people. Welcome, to another blog. The first PGP project is over. The driving question for this project is “What strategies can I use to maintain balance in my life […]