An Identity Crisist

Who are you going to be? This question doesn’t ask what are you going to do, but what kind of person do you aspire to be? To answer this question, […]


Hellooo people. Welcome back. Another project, another blog (I feel like I’ve used that before in another one of my blogs). Anyways, this project was about memorials and the discrimination […]

Happy Make Good

Heeeelloooo people. Welcome, to another blog. The first PGP project is over. The driving question for this project is “What strategies can I use to maintain balance in my life […]

Hello everybody. Welcome. Another project done, another blog. This project was about WWII, and Canada’s involvement in it. I got really excited when I first heard that we were gonna […]

Hi. Welcome. I’m back. It’s another school year, and I’m in grade 10 now. So far, I’m off to a pretty rough start, and the teachers are pushing us, expecting […]

TPOL! Yay!

Yay! First tpol! (I’m scared, nervous, going to absolutely sob, cry my eyes out, and the yay was very sarcastic. I really don’t wanna do this, but here I am. […]

Gotta Go Fast

Hello people of the internet. I’m back again with another awesome blog, and we have just finished another project in humanities. Also, it’s our last one in semester one. We […]

Circus circuits

Hello everybody. IT’S THE END OF THE LAST PROJECT OF SCIENCE!! I love science, so this is very sad. I kind of wish we would’ve done a project on astronomy, […]

It’s time for MPOLs. It’s my first Mpol, and I’m really nervous about it. This is the pol declaration that we have to say every time before we start our […]