Finally, we made it, the last week of the blogging is here and it has been a long ride. This was my first time participating in the student blogging challenge and I think it was a good introduction into learning how my blog works. Anyways we still have one more post to do and it is a reflection.

To start this week off we had to complete a survey that had questions such as our favourite week or if this was our first time participating or even how we think we can improve. My favourite week was week five because I got to do many things involving music, I particularly liked creating my own song on GarageBand because it made me focus really hard and seeing the end product felt rewarding. I also researched one of my favourite artists, Drake, I read many articles and found out information that I never knew existed. Week four was also enjoyable because we had no rules, we got to blog about anything that interests us, it was kind of hard to come up with a topic but I eventually got there.

The second task is a reflection on how we think we did during the eight weeks, and I think I did a great job! My first ever post was a bit abnormal and wrong but it was a good place to start, I didn’t really know how my blog worked but throughout the challenge I got more comfortable. I completed all eight weeks and even got a shoutout for my work, that made me feel like I was doing it right.

Now the last task for this years blogging challenge, how will I keep blogging? Well, throughout my whole high school life I will be blogging my progress in our projects, and I will most likely do the blogging challenge again next year but other than that, I have no plans.

The student blogging challenge is now complete for this year and it has been an eventful journey to say the least. I started off without any knowledge but soon after I learnt the techniques and tricks to make my blogging experience more fun.

Thanks for coming along with me on my journey, it has been a fun ride!