Hello! It’s Logan. This page is all about me and my interests. Below I have listed 24 things about me. Some of which are useful and others are just for fun.

1. I play a lot of soccer

2. I have visited 9 different countries

3. I own 23 pairs of soccer cleats

4. I won the B.C Provincial Championships

5. I play soccer for Mountain United

6. My favourite movie is Hunt For The Wilderpeople

7. My favourite soccer team is Liverpool

8. I despise mushrooms

9. I am 13 years old

10. I am in PLP (Performance Learning Program)

11. I wear the number 4

12. I enjoy snowboarding

13. I spend too much time watching YouTube

14. I have never seen a crocodile

15. I can do a backflip on a trampoline

16. My favourite animal is a lynx

17. I have an older brother

18. I’ve only ice skated three times

19. I’ve never broken a bone

20. I was a chubby baby

21. I’ve watched two professional soccer games outside of Canada

22. My YouTube channel is WeeWicky

23. My nickname is Wicky


Now you know a little bit about me. Feel free to tell me if we have anything in common. Thanks for reading. Logan!