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Who Am I?

In maker we are starting to look into ourselves. Using the app myBlueprint my class mates and I have been research our learning styles and other characteristics. The app itself is used more on the planning side because that is the thing a highschooler needs as he begins to think about his future.

At first I was a little sceptical of how the website gathered its data, but I soon realized that you could use the information on a wider scale. Some things, could not be trusted like the job suggestions. I personally didn’t get anything outrageous, but one of my friends was suggested to be a meat packer. This really made me sceptical of the app in its entirety, but some parts seamed to work right. One part of the website that did do a reasonable job was its learning styles suggestions. The website gave you a survey to fill out, and then was able to show the percentage of each leaning style.

If this website is correct than that means I’m a pretty evenly based leaner. In class each student has to prepare a keynote on these three questions. 

How does knowing ourselves better affect our career choices and opportunities? 

How does developing our self-awareness help us to make life and career choices? 

How can we develop our skillset for continuous improvement and lifelong learning?

I chose personally to focus on the last question because then I could talk more about my resent discovery of learning styles. When I finished my keynote, I realized that I had done lots or research on leaning stiles, but hadn’t focused on me and what I wanted to do to as my career.

luckily enough, the next part of the project let me dive right into this uncertainty. For the next part of this project, I gathered information on my post secondary education. At this point in time I am veering towards Architecture as my chosen path, but I’m not entirely sure if that is what I want to do. When creating the graph, I decided to brake it up into eight different sections.

This would really give me the clarity to see what path I could possibly take later in my life. I was surprised especially by the differences in salary, and prerequisites. In this project I learned all about planning for my future and the possible paths I could take. Even though, this website filled me with skepticism I still believe it has done its job. This is definitely the most daily life relatable project yet, I cant wait for more

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