Russia Sleep Experiment

Warning : this post is about a very disturbing story during WWII, so if you don’t like scary stories, scary pictures, and WWII don’t read this post.

You have been warned.

During World war 2 (WWII) soldiers fought battles during day and night, which meant that
they couldn’t get as much rest as they needed. Too fix this problem, each country made a type of drug which was used to keep their soldiers awake longer than usual.

Set Out to Discover

In 1940, Russia was desperate to develop a drug which was not lethal to any soldier or vital organs. Soon afterwards, soviet scientists believed they had finally found what they’ve been looking for and they claimed that the chemicals used to create their new drug was not harmful to any person who ingested it. Soviet commanders were pleased with the new discovery but stated that before the drug was used on soldiers, it would first need to be tested on people to prove their claim.

Experiment Dummies

There were five prisoners were taken to an underground bunker located somewhere hidden in Russia. They were forced to stay in an isolated chamber which would be pumped with the drug as a gas form. The chamber was made out of super thick metal walls with one main door which was the only way you could get in and out. The chamber did have multiple five-inch thick glass windows, but no one could see inside or outside. In the chamber there were five beds, one toilet, a sink with undrinkable water, multiple microphones, so that scientists could hear and communicate with the prisoners, a camera which scientists used to monitor the prisoners, a small door which was only used to deliver food and water, and one air vent which lead straight to the surface.

Great Until the Screams Started

The first three days, all prisoners where behaving normally and no sign of strange activities were reported, until the fourth day came. When the scientists came back the prisoners were talking about the horrors that they’ve seen in battle and the destruction of their homes and land. When the fifth day came, the prisoners began to show symptoms of paranoia, they
started talking to them selves and even things that weren’t even their scientists also heard some prisoners whispering to the microphones. On the sixth day, no one was communicating with one another they were just looking at each other like they were in a staring contest. Then one of the prisoners jumped upwards and began to scream, he screamed so loudly that the scientists couldn’t use the microphones. He screamed and ran back and forth, the other prisoners just watch him with a expression like they couldn’t hear the screaming. After three hole hours the screaming stopped but the prisoner still kept trying and all that came out was a squeaky toy noises, Scientists later found out the the man ripped his own vocal chords out. The next four days scientists noticed that all of the prisoners were nowhere to be found, no one was talking or in the area visibility of the camera. At first they thought that the prisoners escaped through the air-vent located on the ceiling of the chamber, but the oxygen indicator
still said that there were people breathing inside. The scientists started to become concerned for the health of the prisoners. On the thirteenth day, scientists had come to a conclusion to open the door and check to if all prisoners were ok, they said “ We are opening the door with guards on standby. If you resist to let us in, we will open fire and if you cooperate we will let one of you free”. In their surprise one of the prisoners responded and said “ we no longer want are freedmen ”. After the response, scientists were puzzled and started questioning if this is a cause of lack of sleep or if it was the side effects of the drug.

The Horrors

Day fifteen the scientists had enough and decided to open the doors and see how the prisoners were doing, this was the first time they were going to see what’s inside the chamber after fifteen days the experiment started. Before they could open the door, they had close the gas vents so that they wouldn’t be effected by the drug. When they opened the door they saw…TO BE CONTINUE

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