The Death Cult Alive Today

If you take a look at new religious movements from over the past century, they seem to follow one pattern. They all follow and promote unorthodox views and devotions to a specific object, person, or idea. One example is with Jim Jones and his ‘Peoples Temple‘. The Peoples Temple combined socialist and communist ideals with unorthodox Christian beliefs, at their peak, […]

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The End? For Now…

With our first quarter of school, and Humanities 12 over, I have mixed feelings. I am very excited to move onto new courses and learn new things, but on the other hand. I really dont want to say goodbye to all of my PLP people I have been with, although I do get to be […]

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For my fourth week of weekly posts summarizing my learning, I recorded another podcast. In this episode, I talk about new CommonLit assignments, our completion of ‘Taming of the Shrew’, a new project, and our ventures into essay preparation! I hope you enjoy!  

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So for my previous post I dove deeper into the second week of our new English unit with our teacher Ms. Willemse. For this weeks post I am going to be doing pretty much the same thing, but for our third week. In this issue I talk about the main assignments that we completed and things […]

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Week Two

So for my previous post I decided to briefly cover the details of week one and two of our new English unit with the amazing English teacher Ms. Willemse. Linked below is a podcast I decided to make covering briefly what happened in week 2. The reason I did this was mostly because I felt […]

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And So It Begins…

For our second half of this quarter, our class has switched from having Ms. Maxwell as our teacher, to having Ms. Willemse as our teacher. Not only have we switched teachers, but we have also started a completely new unit with new guidelines. In our new unit, we will be studying women’s suffrage,  William Shakespeare’s […]

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Deep Cove the Treasure Trove

  In 1889, the first white settlers arrived in Deep Cove. After killing 40% of the first nations people off from their transmission of smallpox, the settlers began colonizing the area. This would lead to hundreds and hundreds of historical events occurring. All important to the history of deep cove, and all stories that should […]

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The Cursed Film

For our latest project in Humanities our class was tasked with creating a 10 minute short film based in the 1950’s using the story of Macbeth (a famous play written by William Shakespeare). Now, this project had been implemented in multiple PLP 11 classes prior to ours and it had gained a reputation of being […]

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For The Books

To say that this year has been a journey would be an understatement. From my very incomplete book about the manhattan project, to our poetry performances at our Star Wars exhibition, to the field study that I didn’t attend thinking that I would be going on the second one. To coronavirus happening and canceling school […]

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Habits, Strategies, and Growth

For our last project in PGP we were tasked with picking three out of nine artifact types to create in a tic-tac style format. I decided to do a three part podcast series completely summarizing everything I had learned in PGP, for the third and last episode I would be having a special guest that […]

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