Deep Cove the Treasure Trove

  In 1889, the first white settlers arrived in Deep Cove. After killing 40% of the first nations people off from their transmission of smallpox, the settlers began colonizing the area. This would lead to hundreds and hundreds of historical events occurring. All important to the history of deep cove, and all stories that should […]

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The Cursed Film

For our latest project in Humanities our class was tasked with creating a 10 minute short film based in the 1950’s using the story of Macbeth (a famous play written by William Shakespeare). Now, this project had been implemented in multiple PLP 11 classes prior to ours and it had gained a reputation of being […]

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For The Books

To say that this year has been a journey would be an understatement. From my very incomplete book about the manhattan project, to our poetry performances at our Star Wars exhibition, to the field study that I didn’t attend thinking that I would be going on the second one. To coronavirus happening and canceling school […]

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Habits, Strategies, and Growth

For our last project in PGP we were tasked with picking three out of nine artifact types to create in a tic-tac style format. I decided to do a three part podcast series completely summarizing everything I had learned in PGP, for the third and last episode I would be having a special guest that […]

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I Forgot About This!

I know you guys have heard and read about my series of posts titled “This Week I learned”, But you may have noticed that the supposed ‘Trilogy’ is not completed. That is mostly because I completely forgot to do this last TWIL post! Shame on me… Anyways, looking back on all of my learning during […]

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Eighty Twenty

For my first blog post here in quarantine, I have been tasked with reading a blog article from the legendary James Clear, (he is the one author who wrote Atomic Habits). I will be reading a random blog post of his (or one that stood out to me the most), and I will be reflecting […]

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In our second week of learning about macbeth and the 1950’s we started to get more deeper into our learning. The plot was thickening in macbeth, and we were nearing the cold war in our 50’s lessons. One of the things I drew from the most was the entertainment aspect of both of these topics […]

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The Future

So far this year has been awesome! Ive felt more connected with my teachers, classmates, and friends than ever before. I think that being in PLP for this long has really made things much more positive, this year I’ve really been looking forward to humanities class every day, it is definitely the highlight of my […]

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For our latest unit in humanities we have been working on making connections between the 1950’s and the Shakespeare play; Macbeth. Throughout this unit we will be doing weekly blog posts giving an overview of what we learned throughout the week, this will be my first one. So far, we have been following along with […]

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Atomic Habits

Lately in PGP, aka the Personal Growth Plan, we have been introduced to a book by James Clear titled ‘Atomic Habits’. This book would help us figure out how to create good habits, how to end bad habits, and how to regain full control of you life. One topic present in this book is taking […]

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