To start off our second last year in PLP and in high school, we were introduced to a very exciting and intriguing project, accompanied by a trip to New Mexico.  Let’s get started by telling you a little bit about our latest unit, over the summer we were given the task of reading a book […]

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This school year has been an absolute journey! I feel like I have learned more about myself this year than any other past year to date. One example right off the bat would be working by myself versus working in a group. This year I learned that I work much harder independently than I do […]

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Energy Is Everywhere!

We have been working really hard in science lately, just last week we finished our latest project based on the concept of capturing energy from nature. I was put in a group with Adlih Britton and Maggie Witmore. Some of our requirements for this project was to create a machine that captured energy from nature, […]

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My Personal Growth Plan

For those of you that aren’t in PLP, there was a new course added to our timetables which would be after school from 3:15 to 4:30. This course was called the “Personal Growth Plan” in this course, we would analyze each-others learning, personality traits, and figure out habits to drop and habits to pick up […]

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Stay Safe!

In British Columbia, one young worker is injured every hour. It is evident that keeping young workers safe is at high priority in this highly industrialized age. For CLE 10 with Ms. Willemse we recently focussed on workplace safety, including things that could go wrong, why they go wrong, how we can prevent things from […]

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My Future!

Recently in maker, we have been focussing on career life education. For our first task with this new unit, we were introduced to my blueprint, which is a website that helps you decide your future. It inputs a database of careers, interests, and surveys that you can take through the website. For our first assignment […]

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For our latest project in math titled “Cell Phone Systems”, we were tasked with using linear equations, algebra, graphs, and Y=MX+B (or slope intercept) to figure out which cell phone provider has the best deal. We were allowed to chose either roaming, calling, texting, or data costs to help us form our graph. After some […]

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The Final Countdown

This latest destination imagination provincials tournament has been like no other. And a lot of lessons were learned all in that one day, and the week leading up to it. Let’s take this step by step so you can get the full picture of everything. First off, spring break had just ended and we had […]

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