Medevial Times

Have you ever wondered what life was like in the medevial times?

For our Project we had to read the Book of the lion and create a piece of medieval art. The driving question for this project was, what can we learn for the past and why does it matter to us today.

The book of the lion:

For the first step on this project, we had to read The book of the lion. Every week once we had finished reading the specific portion of the book we had to meet with groups and do role sheets like, what we did for the Outsiders. Our first role sheet was to read chapters 1 to 10 and then number 2 was 11 to 24 and 24 to the end of the book. I really enjoyed reading the book and thought it was interesting. What I learned about medieval was that their were points in time that have changed and have stayed the same. Comparing the past to the future I learned many things. In the past women did not have any rights and were considered property of men, but nowadays that isn’t how women are treated where I live but in other parts of the world lots of women still don’t have the rights that men have.


The artwork:

In  the artwork we had to create an art chart and describe all of the medieval art and incorporate it into are design. I took this photo of a medieval art piece. I am really happy with how my art turned out and how I created it. I tried to find a photo that s kind of like me. Once we had added our head to the art, we needed to add the rest of the art piece’s to the background our art, also we had to explain why we chose those pieces of art and what they are. Here is a photo of the finishing artwork. 


What I learned:

I learned so many things about what had happend in the past and comparing it to today. I learned that not all medieval art is inappropriate. Also I found out that I really enjoy learning about history and events that had happend in the past. Some things from the past are still relevent to today, I thought that it was interesting to learn and think about for are future and what its going to look like for the next genoration.

Thanks for reading!

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It’s the end of my time as we know it.


Have you ever heard of The outsiders? I had never even heard about it. But by the end of this project I know everything thing thier is to know about The outsiders. Just wait and see.


What we had to:

Our goal for this project was broken down into many parts. Part 1: first thing we needed to do was start the book “ the outsiders” every week we would have needed to have read a specific portion of the book. Once we have done the chapters that we were meant to read we were, meant to complete a role sheet. Role sheets are meant to reflect on the part of the book we had just read and to share with your group your thoughts and opinions about the book. For me I didn’t mind reading the outsiders, sure it was a little outdated and some rude humour but I enjoyed reading it.



Here is a picture of the outsiders book:


Next step was to take your information about the book and the characters worldviews and compare it with your own worldview. Then we had to list to the song “ it’s the end of the world as we know it”, we needed to listen to different versions of the song plus trying to work with a group and create song lyrics that match the beat of the original song. We needed to make the lyrics refer to our worldview and how it’s changing from our transition from primary school to high school. And record the song all together.


Here is a link to the original song of “it’s the end of the world as we know it”

Working with my group: 

This was my first time in plp working with a group, it was hard to communicate outside of school on massages. It was hard but I think we did a really great job at completing this assignment. We tried our best to all come in before school and get some of the work done before class. The hardest part was getting photos of us when we were younger kids. Because we had to go through all of our photos and pick out specific ones. 


What I learned while creating this project.

I learn all of these cool tips on iMovie so next time I need to use that app I know a cool few tricks to make my future assignments look good. I learned that working with a group in plp is really fun and exciting, especially to work with people that I have never even talked to. I also learned about different worldviews and how my worldview and the outsiders characters worldviews were so different to how my worldview and how it changes over time. I also found out that my singing voice isn’t that bad!

I really enjoyed creating this project and seeing how all of these steps that I had to complete had all added up into this super cool video, although it’s a bit embarrassing for me and my group members to watch I hope that others will enjoy looking at it.



I’m an amazing PLP 8 learner!

Hi it’s Maggie again! 

So this post will be about me reflecting on my recent project. The driving question for the project was becoming a plp learner. In the presentation I show and tell about how I am a plp 8 learner. 

Hope you enjoy!


Here is my YouTube video. I had lots of fun creating this video presentation! I have noticed that in my work that all of my slides in the video I make it very bright and happy so it’s makes the audience exited and entertained when they are watching.


Overall I am really quite pleased with how it turned out. But there are always things I can improve on.

One of my biggest fails on the presentation was the sticker transitions, I thought half of them looked nice but the last 4 transitions looked messy and I could have my the whole slide look more clear. I feel like the background looked really unorganized so I think i could make it look neater. My favourite sticker is the dog because it reminds me of my dog, Daisy the golden doodle and how she would sit just like that to beg for food.

Something that I learned about my self while creating this presentation is that I love adding bright colours and sparkles to every slide. I would definitely use my creative skills on future PLP and other presentations.

Here is a picture of my great shoe!


The slide that I am most proud of would be the shoe I loved how much colour I used in creating the  shoe, the patterns are my favourite part of the whole shoe, I would definitely wear this shoe. It definitely shows that as a PLP learner I like to add lots of colours and fun patterns to my projects. I really enjoy being creative when working on assignments.

I’m happy that I learned all of these new skills on keynote, so that in future assessments where we are supposed to use keynote I will know all of the cool and fun skills to make my project look really cool.


Doing this project has shown me so many new and exiting things about myself. I mostly already knew that i liked adding colour to my work but i found out that the more colour and exiting details, the more it entertains the person who is watching. It makes me happy to know that whoever is watching my video is happy to be looking at it.


I loved doing this project and enjoyed creating this!

Thanks for watching!

Pointe shoes

My teacher asked us to write about anything, so I chose to write about pointe shoes. As you probably know, you wear pointe shoes in ballet. Although it looks beautiful on stage there is a lot of sweat and pain going in to dancing with pointe shoes. Wearing pointe shoes takes a lot of practice to make it look amazing and graceful. Pointe shoes last 4 months to 1 year. You know that you can’t wear them anymore when they get sad and loose on your feet, we call those dead point shoes. Pointe shoes cause a lot of pain to wear, when you put on shoes you have to tape your toes with special tape so you don’t damage your toe, when dancing in the shoes. Pointe shoes will easily give you bad blisters, when the shoe rubs against your feet. You buy the shoes but add the elastics and ribbons with a needle and thread yourself. Lots of the advanced ballerinas get their shoes to match their own skin colour.

Facts about Pointe shoes

Once pointe shoes are dead you should never wear them again, it could damage your feet.

There are 5 parts of the shoe that you need to know about when wearing pointe shoes.

The first pair of pointe shoes were invented in1795.


Here is a video  of the sugar plum fairy from Royal Opera House 2017 nutcracker. Link:


Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!


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