Walt Disney and his influence

Some facts about Walt Disney

Born December 5, 1901

Died December 15, 1966

Grew up in Chicago

Along with his brother Roy, he founded the Walt Disney Company

Started with a short film called Alice’s wonderland which was never shown theatrically

Mickey Mouse was a character created in 1928, Walt’s second original character, which quickly lead him to fame

Disneys first sound cartoon, steamboat willie, was an immediate success mainly because of the new technology.

Disney created the highest grossing film of that time by 1939, Snow White

In 1954 Disney unveiled and plans for a theme park later named Disneyland, which opened to the public less than a year later.

Disney was influential because he was a pioneer in the entertainment industry.┬áHe was persistent and didn’t give up. After pitching plans for a theme park where adults and kids could have fun, he was rejected multiple times until finally he convinced others. Walt Disney was an innovative person who worked hard and pursued his dreams. If I could ask Walt Disney one question, I would ask him what his goal in life was. Walt was very influential in his time, and he still is now.

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