This Changes Everything

We just finished a unit called This Changes Everything, which was all about change and innovation causing tension. Here are the parts of our learning process. We listened and took notes while our teachers gave us lectures and keynote presentations about feudalism and humanism. We filled out guided notes about exploration, which were filled with questions to answer and activities to complete. We chose a topic in a group to research. The group consisted of Luca, Daniel, Lucas, and me. We chose to focus on portraiture through the ages. Our group created a keynote presentation discussing how portraiture changed over time. That presentation was terrible. We got peer critique and revised our ideas. We edited and edited until we were happy with it. That wasn’t good enough, so we got more critique and edited more. We handed in our final draft and presented it to the class. Our next assignment was to create a product to change portraiture forever, and then pitch it to “investors” so our product could become a reality. We watched a show called The Pitch and took notes about the use of ethos, pathos, and logos. My group chose to merge a DSLR camera lens and an iPhone so everyone can take professional quality photos, which we called iPhone HD. In order to present our project, we stitched photos together to properly show our prototype. We also created a keynote presentation. My group created a script highlighting the key points of our presentation and presented it to the class. It wasn’t very good, so we made another. And another. And another. Then we finally had a script good enough to present. On our own and as a group we rehearsed our script until we had it flowing smoothly. We presented our pitch to the class and answered questions about our learning. This project was quite interesting and I really enjoyed it. I learned so much about portraiture and art than I knew before and now I know a little more. Here are some images of our product!

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