John Cabot who was sent to explore

For the last week in class, we have been working on a unit all about exploration. Since this was a short unit, this is a short blog post. We worked in groups of four to create a comic book presentation about an explorer who helped to discover North America. My group was made up of me, Jessie, Melika, and Lauren and we chose to focus on John Cabot and his voyage of 1497. We did some nice research (googling John Cabot’s voyages for seventeen minutes) and then took some rough notes about our findings. Each person in our group had to create a comic book page and we compiled them all together to create a full book. The next day, we received quite a bit of peer critique and were told what in our rough drafts to fix. I had to change quite a lot of things, so that night I redid my entire page using the peer critique I had received earlier in the day. Something that I noticed immediately is that I hadn’t coloured the drawings and sketches in for each panel compared to the rest of the pages in our book, so I worked on that. Then, I typed out the lettering instead of trying to hand write it. The next day we went over the pages again and got more critique and we were told that our pages were nice because they flowed smoothly from panel to panel and we used the same images for each page so it was consistent. This project was a lot easier than we all thought it would be and it was fun to do too!

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