Can cousins be twins?

In science for the past month or so, we have been researching whether or not cousins could be twins. Basically, this would mean that two sets of identical twins would marry each other and have kids. There is a very minuscule chance, but this could potentially happen. In order for this to happen though, every single genetic trait would have to be the same. There are billions of genes in every individual, so there is a very slim chance that this would happen at all. The children of two pairs of twins would genetically all be siblings and cousins, though. Here is my project mind map for this unit!

The next thing we did was create a research video. I worked with Logan to create our video. We decided to make it about a little animated scientist who was trying to use genetics to create a family with only brown eyes and brown hair. He ultimately failed his experiment, however, because he didn’t realize that people carry both recessive and dominant traits, meaning that even though an individual has brown hair and brown eyes, they could still carry the genes for blond hair and green eyes. Here is our video that we made to teach you more!

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