Holiday Emoji Maker

For this week’s Student Blogging Challenge, I chose to create a holiday themed emoji using coding. The site I used was called the Google Holiday Emoji Maker. I created an emoji of myself using coding blocks and variables.

I think that this is a very interesting idea, and a great way to use coding to complete simple tasks. However, I found the variables hard to understand since there were not really any instructions. When I went to type in the variables for where I wanted the eyes to be, they ended up not even showing on the screen which was confusing.

All in all, this is a fun and easy way to create a custom character for the holiday season and it’s an effective way to learn about the basics of coding as well.

2 comments on “Holiday Emoji Maker
  1. G’day Maggie,
    I haven’t done a lot of coding but it looks like you had fun. Love the string of lights around your neck.

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