PGP time machine

The Time Capsule

What do I know now from completing PGP that I wish that I knew before? That’s a pretty tough question to answer. I have gained a lot of skills from going through the PGP course, such as goal setting, good learning habits, and how to be productive. We were tasked with creating an artifact that could have acted as a “time capsule”. The idea was to make something that, had you had it at the beginning of the year, you would better understand how useful PGP is. For my item, I decided to create an interactive board game.

Starting my Game

I started out by decided what my game would be about. I knew that I wanted to show all aspects of PGP within it, but my main takeaway from the course was goal setting. I decided to make it a challenge based game, where players could work towards a goal. My idea was based partially on both the Game Of Life and Candyland, as well as my own ideas. The way I decided to do this was to create cards that would allow players to progress through different goals. I started to draw out the basic design of my game board- with the steps spelling out PGP.

Building the Game

I started to build my game board by hand drawing and writing it to make it more authentic and school- like. I then created different actions on spaces, such as getting an assignment handed in early or missing a turn because you missed a week of weekly review. I made the spaces into a visual timeline of our year in PGP, with each letter representing a term. Then, I created dry erasable goal cards to show players what they are working towards. These cards include a “goal” to work towards, and then two steps to complete it. Finally, I created playing pieces representing the game.

Images of My Completed Game Components

This is an image of what my game board looks like!

An example of what one of the goal cards looks like!

Game Rules

To start the game:

  • Each player takes a goal card
  • Put a game piece for each player at the “start” space
  • Pile remaining goal cards in a stack

On your turn

  • Roll the dice
  • Go the amount of spaces the die says
  • Follow any instructions on the space you land on
  • If you roll a number that’s on the back of your goal card, tick it off with the dry erase pen
  • If you pass a red space on your turn, stop and land on it.

When all of your numbers on your goal card are ticked off:

  • Place your goal card goal side up in front of you, creating a stack
  • Draw a new goal card to work towards

Finishing the game

  • When a player reaches the “end” space , the game finishes
  • The person with the most completed goal cards in front of them wins
  • If no one has completed goal cards or there is a tie, count the number of ticked spaces on incomplete cards as well.

Reflecting on My Game

Overall, I am very proud of my game. This took a lot of time and thought to create, and I think it very well represents my time in PGP and how I’ve grown throughout. This game sparked my creativity, and I think that this was a really interesting project to complete. I hope that you enjoy seeing a little bit of my learning!


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