The Impact of the Montgomery Bus Boycott

In our first major assignment since spring break, we have been tasked with creating an artifact to show our learning in the past few weeks. Since we aren’t in school anymore, we have had to start doing our projects a little bit differently. We are focusing on the Civil Rights Movement, and more specifically, the effects of racism on society. This first artifact could be about anything we wanted and inspired us to think about the cause and consequences of racism.

I felt particularly inspired by Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and so I decided the best way I could show this is through an iBooks Author book. Our class used this app in 9th grade for our spring exhibition, and I remembered really enjoying how it worked. For my book, I decided to make it in the style of a magazine. Each “article” shows an important topic within this boycott, and how they all connect to the changes they made in our world. I chose to make my magazine black and white since it is set in a time period without prominent colour photography.

You can read my book here!

I included a bibliography of my sources on a separate document here!

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