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Water Bottles R Dank??

Bidets, Podcasting & The Greatest Canadian

What’s this? Another learning portfolio? B-but Malaika, you just posted one! Well, ladies and gents, this is not another learning portfolio, its something we are starting called a “Weekly Reflection Post”. Fun right?  You are probably wondering a lot of… Continue Reading →

Listen Carefully: A Learning Portfolio

Shhh…you hear that? Thats the sound of our first PLP project of Grade 10 baby, welcome back. If you haven’t been with us since Grade 8, let me catch you up. In Grade 8, we studied the STILL image, doing… Continue Reading →

Existential Questions Pt.1

Mon identité. Mi identidad. La mia identità. My identity.  Take a wild guess of what our topic is today? Identity? It’s like you can read my mind, how did you know? Above we have 4 ways of how you can… Continue Reading →

What Do You Think of You?

Pretty complicated question isn’t it? Do you think you’re an effective person? Do you think you are productive? These are all questions we all had to ask about ourselves during our latest Personal Growth Plan (PGP) project. Entitled “Believe in… Continue Reading →

Firsts and Lasts

These past months have been full of firsts and lasts. Of course a first was living though a world-wide pandemic, and during this time, our last projects were upcoming, and that means I was approaching the last few months of… Continue Reading →

World War 1, among other things…

Never thought we would make it here but here we are. The last blog post of Humanities for our Grade 9 year. How crazy is that. Almost done for the entire school year, so lets make this blog post a… Continue Reading →

A 12 year old on a journey. TPols 2020.

Wow. The one word I really only have to describe. And I’m only in grade 9, man think about how tiny my grade 9 self is going to seem when I’m in grade 12 and graduating. But right now, wow… Continue Reading →

Witness to History

The 3rd and final blog post of this long weekend. Here we are. Each blog post I’ve written these past 3 days have been for different subjects. Friday: Scimatics, Saturday: Humanites and Sunday (today): today we will be focusing on our… Continue Reading →

Gold?… no it’s GOLD!

Welcome back everybody. You are getting lucky this week. 2 blog posts and 1 still to come tomorrow! Lots and lots of content. Last blog post was about our latest scimatics project, but this one will be talking about our… Continue Reading →

Time i$ Money

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another blog post, sponsored by quarantine! As you may know due to COVID-19, schools in my district have shut down and us kids are now doing work from the comfort of our own beds. Some… Continue Reading →

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