Ain’t No Mountain High Enough… For SBC!

Welcome back to the one and only, week 5 of the Student Blog Challenge, already half way! I’ve noticed that I mention a music a lot! Guess what this week is about? Yep, music! I’m so excited to present to you three tasks that I did for this week and I’m pretty proud of them! 

First we start with the survey I made. Everyone has different tastes, styles, and interests! Music is a big part of that for most people. Taking this survey gives me a better insight to you, and to interact with my audience!

Click here to access the survey!

Similar to the survey I also created a quiz, but how would you answer it? You may not know any music facts right now but I assure you after this video, you’ll have something to talk about at the dinner table tonight! After you watch the video take the quiz which is below the video! Have fun! 

Quiz time!

What was your score on the quiz? 4/5? 5/5? Your score better be good after you watched my video! Nah I’m just kidding there are no expectations for this. I mentioned the piano maybe a couple times in the video, but now we are going to go in depth with the instrument, all the nitty gritty details! 

The history of the piano is very interesting, to a pianist. But today we all pianists and we shall learn about the history of this amazing instrument. 


 The man who invented the piano was named Bartolomeo Cristofori and he was born in Italy. Cristofori worked as a Keeper of Instruments for Ferdinando de’ Medici who was the Grand Price of Tuscany. Cristoforiwas unhappy with the volume level musicians could not control.

 He is said to have switched out the plucking idea to create the modern day piano around 1700. The original name of the piano was “Gravicembalo col piano e forte” which translates from Italian to “harpsichord with soft and loud” but was later shortened to pianoforte which means soft-loud. According to most physiologists, playing piano is great for mental health and it helps your mood. It can help you regulate your organs and body functions as well. The best part is knowing how to play the piano, makes learning other instruments less difficult! 

If you want to know more about instruments as a whole, and a little bit about what I play, my inspirations go visit my music website!

  • Modern day Piano

Music has always been a big part of my life, and its been a pleasure writing about it and telling you guys about something I’m passionate about today! Once again, you can go check out my music website  if you missed it before! 

Signing out! 


Divorce Rate in Maine vs. Consumption of Margarine?


Divorce rate in Maine and consumptions of margarine?

Doesn’t seem like both of those are related in any way? Well, here I am to tell you all about why they might have correlation. Correlation might be a new word for you all. It essentially represents two things that follow the same trend. Maybe the amount of cheese you have correlates with foot size? Do you see the word relate in the word cor-(relate)? Is it all starting to make sense now? Well I hope it does because we are moving on! 

Now just because something could be correlated, doesn’t mean they could cause each other. Maybe having big feet doesn’t cause you to buy lots of cheese. Causation is the act of causing something, if that wasn’t already obvious. 

Causation and Correlation were introduced to us at the beginning of our project. Our project consisted of trying to find something that has correlation and causation and something that has correlation and no causation. My partner, Emily ,  and I decided to use something related to technology, because its such a big part of teenagers lives, especially our age. Throughout the whole project, there were 3 curricular competencies that went along side this project. Each one was supposed to help us in future learning. 

Our first correlation that we felt had causation, was Device Charging Rate vs. How Long Until Your Neck Start to Hurt. What we found was the more times a person charges their device, the more their neck starts to hurt. Pretty self-explanatory, right? We took a sample from the whole grade of grade 9 at Seycove and we included in our survey questions like how much you neck hurts, and more than 50% said, on a scale of 1-10, it hurts about an 8 or 9, which are pretty high numbers. We concluded that the more times a person charges their device, the more neck pain is caused, therefore there is causation and a correlation. 

Following and using the curricular competencies were a bit of a challenge for us. Our biggest reason was because most in-class days we were given to use for research, we spent fooling around which cost us a lot of time. It was the last 3 or 4 classes, and at home, where we got our act together. We started communicating well, which is our first curricular competency. Our communication was key because we had to split the jobs up, otherwise there would be too much work on one person and the other would just get a free pass. Emily took charge of creating questions for our survey, sending them to everyone she knew, collecting the data and putting them in graphs, creating our project outline, making the final keynote and animating slides & transitions. I took on coming up with the ideas, making our survey, sending to everyone I knew, writing our script and touching up the finishing product. I think we demonstrated communication well, and thats why we had a finish product that we were proud to present to the class and Mr. Gross. 

Our other correlation but no causation was Device Charging Rate vs. How Many Pairs of Shoes You Buy a Year. In our second survey, which Emily came up with questions for and I made, we asked how many people usually shop online, specifically for shoes. Not many said they do, most go to the stores and buy them there. But there were a couple few who shop online, but not for shoes. We also asked how many shoes people buy a year, and they answered were pretty average. Looking at our data we could safely say that this does have some correlation, but no causation. 


Our last survey, we didn’t feel like we asked specific questions that would get us the data that we needed so we decided to talk about some possible question options, outside of class time. We applied our previous skills and innovated or expanded to something that was actually useful. We used our survey taking skills and better questions to get a better outcome. 

We showed math and our data through a bar graph, a scatter plot graph, and showing our raw survey results in our presentation. Using this language was 100% easier to show our conclusions and we broke it down quite well for the audience to understand. 

Finishing this already long blog post, I feel we did learn and use the curricular competencies but not to their fullest. There was definitely more we could’ve done to get a rainbow, and next time I want to achieve that by not getting distracted and using my time efficiently in class. 

Well now I got to go write 3 more blog posts, so if you will excuse me…


Its a Free Life Baby!

Judging by the title, you probably already know what I’m talking about here eh? Its free choice week baby!!! I am so excited to talk about my favourite topic! Hopefully it doesn’t bore you but this year I’ve decided to tell you about my favourite TV shows on Netflix, but beware there are spoilers in here, so continue if you dare.

Maybe you’ve watched them, maybe you haven’t, maybe you’ll find out some new shows to watch during this post, and the only way to find out is to keep on readin!


  • The main characters that the show focuses on

I’ve started a show with my parents called “The Good Place”. The first episode was aired on September 19th, 2016, so its quite a recent show (at least in my eyes), but we just started it a couple days ago, and so far we are loving it. Season 3 of this show just came out about a month ago, so we definitely have a lot to catch up on. But don’t worry watching this show doesn’t keep me from writing my blog posts!

  • All the characters that the show is based upon

Gossip Girl is a show that I started in the summer, and apparently its pretty popular among my classmates! Its first episode was released on September 19th, 2007 (what a coincidence), and its last on December 17th, 2012. I would date this as an older show, but its still one of the best I’ve seen. It has plot twists I never expected, like Dan being Gossip Girl all along! This show is similar to a show I watched a couple years ago, Pretty Little Liars.

  • The poster for the 4th season of the show

PLL was probably one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Even though they did drag it on for 7 seasons, it was still an amazing plot line, and it always kept me on my toes while watching. I’d recommend this show to anyone my age and above, because although it does contain mature content, I still think it was a very good show, and it will always be at my top favourites!



  • All the main characters

I already talked about PLL, which I watched in 2017-2018, but talking about sitcoms or funny shows, I’d recommend How I Met Your Mother & The Big Bang Theory. I watched HIMYM last year, and it was surprisingly funny. It was recommended to me by a friend, and as I had nothing to do except write blog posts all day (thank you Ms. Willemse) I decided to give it a shot. In my eyes, it was funny, and each character had a good backstory but its not one of the best shows I’ve watched. Its a fairly old show, but not as old as Gossip Girl. It came out in Sept. 2005, a month before I was born and ended in March 2014. The show stretched out a lot and I think thats why I got bored with it in the end.

  • All the characters starring in the show

But a show that will never fail to make me laugh is the Big Bang Theory. I’ve been told its a show for brainiacs or nerds but I think its the funniest show, till today! Its been running for quite a while, starting in 2007 and ending, sadly, this year (2019) in May. There are 11 seasons of this show, so there are plenty of re-runs for me to binge in the future! The main characters are Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, Penny, Amy, and Bernadette, who are a group of friends just gettin through life together one step at a time! I suggest this show to anyone my age and older, just for the laughs its a great show.


All these shows come from different places in the world, and are shot in different locations around the world, and speaking of location, I added this Flag Counter, which shows your where all the people are from, around the world, that sees my blog! It’ll update, once someone new comes in to check my blog out!

Free counters!


Thats all from me today guys! If you’ve watched any of these shows, or want to give me suggestions give me a shout in the comments!




Another post Alberta? You betcha! But this one is a little bit different. Our driving question for this one is pretty specific, How did I persist and manage my impulsivity on this field study in order to question, think, and gather data to complete your project and enjoy yourself? Lets get into it.

As most of you know, I’m 100%, full on, no doubt, an extrovert. I love talking to people, having fun, laughing, making my friends laugh. So going to a different province for 9 days with all of my friends, you can see how maybe I wouldn’t be that focused. But in some places I surprised myself and I’m going to explain my highs and lows of this trip. Highs being when I really out-did myself in learning, collecting data, asking questions, where even I surprised myself! But lows meaning places were I could’ve done better, where I should’ve been more focused, why I wasn’t focused and what I can do better next field study. 

The first pit stop at The Last Spike, was a tough one because first we had all just come out of the van and bus and were pretty hyped up for the trip. This is where I could’ve been more focused, our first example of the evening. The area was pretty open, and instead of taking it as a learning opportunity I saw it as a “talking to friends who were in the bus because I was in the van” opportunity. Ms. Maxwell asked me a couple questions, and even though I answered them, I wasn’t fully paying attention to my surroundings. I wasn’t even taking pictures, and in my later assignments I had to borrow my classmates pictures from there. The only time where I really tuned in was when I went into the gift shop, because my peoples group project could benefit from me asking a couple questions. I got my information, but looking at the bigger picture, I realize even throughout the whole trip, even if it doesn’t benefit my project, I should still pay attention, because it could come in handy later. 

The information I got from the gift shop went into my final Alberta Video, and if you want to see it click here.. 

One place I really connected with was at Studio Bell . It made me feel at home and at peace and I think when I feel good about a place, I tend to focus more. My only goal is to feel good about every place, so I get the maximum amount of information! I’ve played many instruments in the past and I still play them now. Music has always been a huge part of my life because to me its my safe place for me, somewhere that I can escape when I need to calm down. I play piano and drums but I used to play flute, violin, and viola. I’ve played piano the longest so thats why I have a really special connection with the instrument. Studio Bell was an amazing experience for me because its where all musicians should go at least once in their lives. I loved the place because it taught me more about not just the instruments I play, but music itself. If I could do a blog post on just music, boy oh boy you’d be sitting here for DAYS! But really, using music in a educational way, showed me a creative side I never knew I had. For example for one of my projects, instead of finding a beat or making a parody of a song, I wrote and composed a whole beat with lyrics just for the project. I think it turned out amazingly, with the help of my group, Emily, Gabe and Owen! Click here if you want to take a listen! 

Changing the topic, drastically, from creativity and music to education and DINOSAURS! How cool is that!  Yeah. I know. Well we got to experience Dino’s first-hand by visiting the Royal Tyrell Museum , right in the heart of Drumheller. The museum was packed with lots of information, unfortunately for me, I was distracted. The first walk through was basically just me looking at exhibits, pictures, statues, sculptures and artifacts, not actually really processing what they meant or what the readings said. If I saw another classmate walking through I went and talked to them, which ruined my learning experience and theirs. But one exhibit made an impact, I actually stood there and read it and I found it very interesting. Lucky for me, our next assignment was to pick an exhibit and make a short documentary on it. I immediately ran through the museum, because of limited time, and I even interviewed a stranger! This point in the trip was the best learning experience for me because it really brought out my learning, educational side, that was sleeping! Not only did I learn a lot about my ammonite, but I learnt how to communicate to others during an interview and I achieved in interviewing my first stranger! If you want to take a peek at my video click here!

Lots of drama happened on this trip, not that the teachers would know! But I was fairly into the middle of it and that was another thing that kept me from learning. I was so caught up in who likes who that I actually felt like I was living in a sitcom! Well maybe not, but I could’ve regulated myself to stay away from all that while I was learning. Not being in the know of the latest gossip can be the worst in a social status way, but it comes at a very expensive price when learning is the other option. 

I feel that there were definitely times that I felt I could’ve been a better student and really dug deep into my learning instincts. A balance between having fun and learning is hard, so that’s being added to my goals list for this year, and the rest of my life. 

Ending on a high note, a time where I felt really good about my learning situation, was in the Ghost Town, because I knew I had a limited amount of time to film with my group, and we definitely achieved our goal of filming that day. And we focused a lot to get this done, not just in the production part, but also in post-production part. Editing, music, sound effects, all played a huge part in this film. So see for yourself, if it really does live up to all the expectations I’m talking about!



Copyright & Creative Commons

Welcome back, kids, adults, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, grandmas, grandpas, to the big show! The Student Blogging Challenge has begun and Malaika Javer has reached week 3, even though she is a bit late at submitting….

Well hello! Let me start off by showing you a video on the topics we are covering today, what they mean, and after you know the basics we’ll dive deeper!


Now you know the basics? Great! Lets get started.


Now for task 1, I had to make a video, educating you with the key words, basically to inform you what is the meaning of words like copy right and what they mean. But for task 2, we had to create an image to demonstrate how making your own image is more effective than using a copyrighted one. I thought since we live in 2019, the 21st Century, I should do something that is relevant to this time so yep you guessed it:


Its pretty good, if I might say so myself.


This task required me to show you some royalty free images, that I handpicked and then tell you why I chose those specific pictures. There will be a description on each picture, explaining exactly why I chose it! Most pictures I found on Pixabay, a website that has tons and tons of royalty free pictures for anyone to use.

  • I chose this image because it represents our huge global warming problem and how we’ve destroyed a beautiful world thats ben given to us


One picture that I found, that really stood out to me was this one:

Landscape of meadow field with the changing environment concept of climate change

I briefly explained it, but basically why it stood out to me was because all the climate activist movement that is going around the world, news that our climate, our world has a huge global warming problem and that we need to take action now. We have been given a beautiful world and we have completely destroyed it. Everyone can do something, its even the little things like putting garbage in the right places and recycling when you get the chance. I wrote a little poem on our climate problem and I feel it describes this picture very well.

Even the littlest things help, everything you do contributes to helping our climate, its as simple as that.





SBC? Week 2? Already?

All these questions, boy oh boy. Well to answer them, yes the Student Blogging Challenge has started as of last week. And while most my friends and classmates were dreading its arrival, I’m actually really excited to get started! Now you may be thinking “What about week 1?”, week 1 was technically last week, where we had to basically update our blogs if we had them, or for new students to set up a blog for themselves and learn all the cool tricks around blogging. If you go check out my about me and commenting guidelines pages, you’ll see they are now up to speed with my life and the changes that have happened in the past year.

Speaking of commenting, that is the topic of this post. I know I’ve said “Comment down below, let’s talk in the comments, give me feedback on how I did in the comments” countless times. But how do you actually leave a comment? Thats what I’m going to break down in this post. So without further ado, lets jump right in.

Commenting on my posts helps me add or fix things that will help my blog and posts for the future! It gives me real human feedback, from someone other than me! For example, saying “I love the blog, but maybe add a link here or there to make it interactive” is very helpful towards me because next time I know my audience might get bored while reading, and to make it fun, interactive, and colourful.


Here is were we break down the logistics of commenting. First, you need to scroll to the bottom of the post you want to comment on.

There is a whole place just designated for commenting, you can’t miss it trust me! It should look like this:

Next, obviously, type in your comment, feedback, or critique, and once your done your comment, there should be a space that looks like this:

Typing this in properly ensures the server that you are, in fact, a human trying to interact with another human, not just a robot. You cannot post your comment if this field is empty.


Your 75%of the way there! Now all you need to do is type in your first name and email. If you don’t want to use your first name, use your initials or even the first letter of your name, that will work! As for email, it can detect when you put in a fake email, so please put in a valid one. The blogging people don’t send you emails or harass you with notifications if you give them your email address, it is used again for authentication.

Last thing, is making sure you said what you want to say, correct any grammar and add whatever you want to add, and press post! That simple. The person receiving your comment will have to approve it, before they can reply, so make sure your comment is respectful towards the person receiving it!


I touched on this in my commenting guideline page, so I shouldn’t have to say much. Also most of this part is pretty self-explanatory. Being respectful is important when commenting, because you have to make sure what you are saying doesn’t hurt the other persons feelings.

Heres an example of a comment I left on someone else’s blog post:

Positives & negatives! Always give the person at least one compliment when commenting, and then give your feedback! Structure your comment as if you were speaking to a formal figure, to make it more professional. Make sure you do these things, plus what I said on my Commenting Guidelines page and your all set for commenting!

Comment away!



Using coding in comments isn’t as hard as you think! It could be as simple as using a link, just like you do when your blogging. My friend, Gabe, left a comment on my blog, specifically about slideshows and how to use meta-sliders in blogs. So I re-searched a post about how to use meta-sliders in blogs, linked it in my comment and sent it away!

It looked like this:
















Takin Care of Business!

Wow 2 posts in the span of 2 days? Boy you guys are getting quality content from me, FOR FREE! Enjoy this one.



“Nobody in Alberta knows how to drive.” You know, I agree with this statement. But wait, how would I know? Well…. 

Our PLP 9 class took a 9 day trip to Alberta to answer the question: how does place impact WHO you are? To help, we spun the wheel of death to decide what groups we are in. There were 7 groups, each groups assigned with a group of people. The groups were Albertans, First Nations, Tourists, Business Owners, Artists, Wildlife & Students. I had to answer this question for Business Owners and make a final video on it! So how does place impact business owners? Lets find out! 


This place was our first official touristy stop on this trip and the business owner group had first dibs on interviews! Once we filmed our ghost town videos, in the ghost town we headed to a dining room where we were served dinner. After dinner, the business owners group got to interview Mr. George Bell, the owner of both the chateau and the ghost town. He explained that his father was the one who chose this location for the ghost town, so I asked him if he regrets the place his father chose. He answered with ‘its not the ideal location’, and thats because the ghost town is right of the Trans-Canada Highway, and most people are heading to a different destination so its hard to get people to stop over or even stay the night. George also talked about how they are an “off-the-grid” company, which means their power, electricity, resources and funding isn’t coming from the government. George and his employees have to generate electricity for the business at a big river up in the mountains, which he has to go check on regularly. But being the only privately owned ghost town in the world, is one of the reasons that brings in tourism. 


The Last Spike marks the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway on November 7, 1885. The Last Spike Gift Shop is a business at the tourist stop and the ladies who work there are in charge of the shop. Being in Craigallechie, the ladies who originally lived in downtown Calgary, moved deliberately to work at the shop because its a stable job for them. Now they only live 5 minutes away from The Last Spike so they can work there. Place has impacted them by forcing them to move away from their lives in Calgary, to work at the gift shop. The location itself is a bit of a detour if you are stopping to visit, which usually makes people not motivated to come out that far. 



The location of the Royal Tyrell Museum is crucial because the museum is built into the band lands which is where many fossils were found and because its built in the dinosaur capital of the world! There are still many fossils buried in the area, plants and animals that call that area home, but if humans keep invading their area its not going to be very habitable for them in the long run. For example, there is tour that we went on into the badlands and for that tour they have to pave roads and paths through the land so humans could walk on it. The environment in the area has already been pretty eroded and domesticated but if we continue to break down this historical site, fossils will be destroyed and animals could be completely wiped out in the area. 

I mentioned something about a video before in the start remember? Well now you get to see it! Take a look! 


In the end, I’m confident in saying that I’ve answered this question successfully! Place impacts business owners in their social and personal lives, it affects why the business is still running and how they actually make money. I talked about 3 places we went on our Alberta Field School that I felt represented my answer. I’ve said this before and I will continue forever: I’ll never stop learning about how place impacts who I am! 

Drop a comment and lets talk about my posts! Feedback or just saying hello, anything’s okay! 

See you in the next one!


Kick off!- Math 9

It seems like I’m always hooked on diseases. Let me explain before you jump to conclusions. BlueSky I did a project on measles and now a year later I’m back to disease in my math game. There’s more. Our first project in Math 9 was all about learning exponent laws and to make it fun, creating a game that used exponent laws. Our partners were chosen for us, the game had to include exponent laws, but other than that it was a free for all. My partner was and honestly I never thought I’d work well with anyone other than my close friends but I was wrong and I learnt that Jude and I work pretty well together! I’m really happy with our end result and I’m tremendously proud of how we executed it. Our game was finally presented to another math 9 class, but first let me tell you how we got there. 


What even are exponents? Well we had to learnt that first, and we did that by practicing questions, getting in groups and learning how to solve riddles that involve exponents and how to solve them. We then moved onto learning about the laws, like the power law and multiplication law.

  • Our exponent laws!

I actually found learning and practicing exponents easy, I loved learning about them and I can confidently say that I want to learn more about them in the future. The only part that was hard for me was the incorporation into the games. It took Jude and I a while to think about how to base a whole game around exponent laws.


As always coming up with an idea, the hardest part I would say because its basically like putting the key in the car and starting the whole process up. Draft 1 obviously wasn’t perfect but it also was quite different from the final product. In our case we originally started with a card game, that each card has an action and an exponent law attached to it and face cards mean special health and medicine. But we still didn’t have an objective, or how to win. So you could say that the game was definitely not a Monopoly level game. The idea of diseases was introduced to us by Jude and I thinking of levels of sicknesses through complete randomness. Once we latched onto that idea we followed through with it, until the end. Getting to Level 0 meant no sickness which means you’ve won the game. Staying at level 6 or being the last person at a high level meant you lose. Now we had an objective or a reason to win or lose, we just had to determine the game pieces and/or cards. We decided to make our own cards that were customized to fit our game particularly, instead of using a plain deck of cards. Instead of cards to determine what number you have been assigned, we switched to a single die and made the highest level 6, because you cannot role higher than a 6 on a die.


In this game, each person starts out with a sickness, which you could think of as the base of the exponent. The level of sickness you have could be thought of as the exponent or power. Then once everyone has a sickness, the game starts by the person to the left of whoever rolled to get the first sickness. Whatever number they roll corresponds to an action with an exponent law attached to it. We decided to keep that concept in and at first it may seem confusing but it actually worked out pretty well! For example:


Each number has an exponent law attached to it, like this one and the multiplication rule. In this game we used a total of 4 exponent laws, but when starting I didn’t have a clue what exponent laws were about and now, but still with practice, I’m pretty confident with saying that I understand them well. In the end though, I would‘ve liked to include the  power of 0 rule, which shows that anything to the power of 0 equals 1, which would’ve been a very interesting concept in a game. Looking back, thats one of the things I would’ve changed.


Execution was crucial because our game rules and concepts were down, now in a week, was our time to create the game pieces. Jude drew the designs on our customized cards, and I cut them all out into game pieces. Other than printing and cutting the game pieces out, there wasn’t much elbow grease that went into making the game. All of our creativity went into the rules, and I definitely think we showed that throughout this project.

Presenting this was somewhat difficult because many were confused by our rules, but I think this is because Jude and I were trying to talk at the same time and that confused our audience. Next time, one of us should speak which makes it easy for our viewer. “After the rules ere explained, and the game got going, it was fun and easy after I understood the rules.” said Alyssa Upton, one of my friends who tried the game.



Following the Rubric throughout the project was always a priority because thats where our grading was being based of.

Our rubric shows that one of the curricular competencies for this project were being flexible with rational numbers and having a game design that uses 4 exponent laws. I think we accomplished this successfully because our game definitely has exponent laws included and when learning exponents, I actually caught on quite fast when it came to using rational numbers.

The only things I feel we could revise on is our presentation skills, and using maybe more laws because we both understood all of them but we didn’t use many laws in our game, like the power of 0 rule. Another reflection would be the last curricular competency, which is using all class time without distractions. Jude and I did this pretty well when we were focused on getting the task done, for example if we needed to cut out all the game pieces by the end of class, we would are sure thats done with a little extra time after. But in that little extra time, speaking for myself, I’d go an socialize or try to talk to someone else and little did I know that it distracted me from what I could be doing (fixing tweaks on our game) and I was distracting them as well because not everyone was finished at the same time. Next time and for the rest of the year I’d like to work on being less chatty and learning more and then using what I learnt in my projects.

Overall, I originally thought this project wasn’t going to turn out this well, at least on my part, but with what Jude and I have created, I’m immensely proud of it! Its an actually game I would play in real life for fun and I’m really happy that I feel this way. We actually got this similar response from people who played our game! The only things I would change would be using more exponent laws, being less distracted in class, and working on my presentation skills so we don’t confuse or audience.


Thats all from me! See you in the next blog post!



This took me 4 hours.

Actually the title is true, it did. But I poured my heart into it so ooh boy, lets do this. Final post, launch! We’ve had a crazy year so far and I honestly never thought I’d be writing my last blog post of grade 8 ever but here I am. Heres a little sneak-peek of what you’ll see on this post: Lots about the Spring Exhibition, tons about BlueSky, our LAUNCH process and a huge reflection throughout the whole post. Thats a lot of info to take in so stay with me as we start the journey toward grade 9 PLP, starting with this last blog post of grade 8! Here we go! 

Alright, I said I’d talk about the Spring Exhibition but first lets talk about how we got there. We started with Ms. Willemse exporting a LAUNCH journal to us in the numbers app and we immediately went into the first step which was Look, Listen and Learn. That was about trying to figure out our ideas, and we did questions were asked, like what types of people do you want to help, or whats a specific issue you want to help with. Below is what I first wrote when I was coming up with my idea.


I was first thinking about making some kind of vehicle that was powered by a water wheel, which I know looking back, sounds ridiculous. But at that time I was stubborn and I wanted to do it so I moved onto the next part, Ask a Ton of Questions. I did some interviews with my classmates but I never really expanded further other than asking PLP students. I asked questions like ‘do you want to help the environment’ or ‘why would someone want to buy my vehicle’, obviously not very important ones that would help me get far in my BlueSky project. I felt like I had no other choices but to keep going so thats what I did. Next was writing a pitch form, which had to be approved by Ms. Willemse and Mr. Hughes. Now here comes the hard part. I pitched my idea to my teachers, and they immediately sent me back for revision. I hadn’t even made it to what research I needed to do to create this before they laughed and sent me back. Not going to lie, that was pretty defeating. I felt like there were no other options, and I remember looking out my car window (like I was in a movie) and thinking I hit a dead end. Ms. Willemse told me to revise my idea but I took that as ‘start again’ so that’s exactly what I did. Now I’m not saying if you fail just give up and think of something else, I’m saying if you fail, get your butt up from the ground and give it another shot. So thats exactly what I did.


In the back of my mind I’d had an idea but I didn’t know if this would work, but I mean I’d hit a block so might as well try it right? Probably the best decision I made at that point, because I am crazy proud of my end result and I am so happy with how hard I worked on this. Anyways, I pitched the idea of creating something digital, a website, about raising awareness for airborne diseases in general. Ms. Willemse caught onto that idea and encouraged me to pursue it, but she wanted me to focus on only one disease and provide information on only that one. Oh my gosh. I cannot tell you how many times I went back to her telling her different disease and why I should create a website on them. I went through Tuberculosis, HPV, Diabetes, and finally Measles. Measles saved my life, don’t worry not literally! But it did save me for BlueSky because, once and for all, I WAS APPROVED. I don’t think you know how happy I was when Ms. Willemse gave me the ‘nod of approval’. Monumental moment in my life. I swear I was crying. Nah just kidding, I’m as strong as a rock, except when it comes to Shawn Mendes.


The next month was crazy because all of our teachers for each subject was throwing final projects and exams in our faces and on top of all that, PLP was working on BlueSky. BlueSky was a huge priority for me because I knew that I could portray my topic as week or I got finish with a strong argument and really change people’s perspective. Through all of that, we started the N phase which was Navigate. We installed an app that helped us group and bundle our ideas and help us kind of categorize them so that when we created our projects, we could manage each at our own pace. This part wasn’t much of an issue for me but along the way I did scrap some ideas that I didn’t have time for, but if I could go back, if I had more time I would have definitely included them. I planned to create a poster board, a website, and a Kahoot. In the end I scraped the poster board but I did follow through with my website and Kahoot. I also created a special surprise but that’s for the end. This is what my bundling looked like:


Plan, Organize, Design, Construct, Alter, Stage, Test. I came up with this acronym when we started the Create phase. The class was going through the LAUNCH process, but I was going through my own process called PODCAST. I had already gone through my Planning and Organizing part and now I was working on my Designing, Constructing and Altering part. Designing was pretty easy, I signed up for a weebly account (a website making company) and chose a theme for my website (which I changed definitely more than 10 times) and chose fonts, pictures, all the stuff like that. Constructing took a while because that was all about getting the information that would be in my website, and what categories would be filled with what information. This took a tiring 2 weeks, everyday I’d come home, do research on one topic and write it down in notability.


I tried to make each paragraph of info short but also fun so that people are motivated to read it. Moving on to Alter, I ran into things like trying to centre the text to picking what info needed to get out and what needed to stay. I had to alter my perspective and not be so focused on why my website wouldn’t save properly to how I can fix my bigger problem. Stage and Test came in the U section (Understand) which was before Navigate, which carried on into the section after Navigate, H phase: Highlight and Fix. Staging was about asking people, doing some testing, surveys and getting information from resources, primary and secondary. Now this is where I got lucky. I knew some people that grew up in a third world country and never had the chance to get their measles vaccine. So I put together a survey and had them take it, basically asking them what kind of info would persuade them to get the vaccine and I got back this: 

So I used it and created my first prototype. Which looked like: 

Pretty bad right? Well I think so. It wasn’t very appealing to me, so I wanted to work on it everyday to make it suite my taste but a week before the Spring Exhibition we had to put our BlueSky on pause because of our Colonizing in a Tempest project which you can go check out if you click here.The next week we went super hard on BlueSky, having the Exhibition on the Friday of that week. Everyday I would log in to my account everyday and make changes and the Thursday before the Exhibition was probably the hardest night I ever worked ever. This was the last project of the year and I wanted to make a really big impact so that my grades would be good. I stayed up till 1 am but I fell asleep with something that I was very very insanely proud of! 

Okay okay I know I made you wait at least 5 paragraphs so here you go. My final website that I presented at the exhibition. 

If you want to browse the website in its full entirety, click  here.


I can’t believe its over but I can tell you one thing for sure, my feet still hurt. It was a really fun experience but nothing like the Winter Exhibition. For winter we were in groups and all shared the same topic between 4 or 5 people. This time it was our own ideas, our own creations and inventions. I presented my BlueSky along with my PGP Time Machine, which you can go check out if you click here. . One lady even told me to go on junior Dragons Den and pitch my game to them. Crazy right? Yeah I know but the immense proudness and happiness I felt was really rewarding to all the hard-work I put into both projects. I talked to maybe 30 people, and each expressed that they had a similar opinion regarding the Anti-Vaccination movement and they gave me very constructive and helpful comments to help my progress. In the end, I think my BlueSky was a huge success and to quote The Hulk ‘I see this as an absolute win!’. 

I mentioned I took on an extra project just for fun and its quite a treat honestly, so enjoy!

(In case you guys were wondering, yes I re-wrote Ice Ice Baby)

If you want to catch up on the whole year, and my personal reflection on it, check out my TPols for more!

Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for reading all of this and keeping up with me, I might just change my blog to KUWMJ (Keeping Up With Malaika Javer). I think I have grown immensely as a learner throughout this year and I made some tough decisions that shaped my ending in PLP 8 but it was 100% for the best. Thank you to all my teachers, students, friends, family, and of course all my blog readers for being a part of my life. I love you all. See you in grade 9! 


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