Bonjour everybody and welcome back to my blog! If you have been here since week 1 then you will know what is going on, but if you have just joined the family let me update you! I am joined in something called the Student Blogging Challenge. Every week we receive a challenge we need to complete and currently I am on Week 9! You can go to my home page if you click here and you can read my previous challenges! This week is all about coding! So without further ado, lets get started.

Task one for this week was to read a 16 year olds story on how he became a professional coder and actually works for Student Blogging Challenges. He helps them basically keep all the blogs online and manages all the coding. He is a very talented guy, but heres the catch… he is visually impaired! Isn’t that amazing? He is visually impaired but he has amounted to such great lengths! If you want to read his full story click here. It is truly an amazing story and I would record reading it! We were required to go leave a comment for him, giving him a brief indrodcution about ourselves and asking him a question about his job!

Task two for this week was to try Hour of Code, which is a site were you can learn coding in an hour (hence the name!). We had to show you somehow what we did, so I screenrecorded me playing Hour of Code and you can watch it right here!:


And lastly, for task 3 we had to use the HTML code into our blog and basically show you what it looks like! The next sentence will be in Italics so you can see the difference.

Hey everyone! Its Malaika! I love to read, eat, watching Netflix! I like to hang out with my friends and family, because I’m guaranteed a good time! 

Now here is that sentence in HTML code “language”!:

That was all 3 tasks that we were required to do this week! Thanks for watching! If you liked my YouTube video click here to go watch my other videos!

If you liked this post, please go comment below and lets talk! Thank you again for watching and reading and I’ll see you in the next one!