Hey everyone! Welcome back to another blog post, sponsored by quarantine! As you may know due to COVID-19, schools in my district have shut down and us kids are now doing work from the comfort of our own beds. Some might say it sucks, but I love being comfortable all the time. This project is all about how Time is Money. A project about calculating yearly earnings with linear graph equations! I know it sounds like a lot, but really we had to choose a job/service we were going to do/sell and calculate how much money we have to put into it, and how much money we were going to get out of it over a certain period of time! We can see how much money we made over, say a year, by turning our numbers into an equation that can be graphed. You may as how we know how to do that? Especially during quarantine! Well that’s where our project starts.


With each project comes milestones, and stepping stones. This project had only one stepping stone which is rare, but for this project, important. This stepping stone required us to sign onto *khan academy* and take a course specifically designed for learning how to graph linear equations, and learning how to make those equations was a big part of the course. There were parts that ended with 3 tests and one final unit test at the end that we had to pass with at least 80% or above. I jumped onto Khan Academy and honestly the start was rough. It was definitely a hard concept to grasp onto with no explanation or introduction before. I had many questions, but as I continued the course answered them slowly. I had to rewatch many videos, and examples but when the practice pages came along, I got the hang of it and I like that I was understanding what I was doing instead of aimlessly putting down numbers. Once I passed my tests, I handed in screenshots, proof that I had done the course! Time to move onto our milestones! 


Before the khan academy stepping stone, we had to complete milestone one, which was choosing our job/service. Honestly this wasn’t too hard for me, because I knew I wanted to work a service right away. I eventually chose to create a package of housekeeping service, which included dish washing, taking the trash out, and doing the laundry. Now that I had finished milestone 1, we moved onto the khan academy stepping stone. After that came milestone 2. 

Milestone 2 was all about contructing together a spreadsheet on the numbers application, to break down what the expenses, startup costs, and how much time it would take to do each task. This would all help creating our final equation that was to be graphed. I had to revise on this spreadsheet and the second time I added more detail which, I feel, enhanced the spreadsheet and gave more clear information to whoever was looking at the graph. Here is an enlargement of my spreadsheet! 


Milestone 3 and 4 was about finally creating the equation and graphing it. For creating this equation we were given a template to follow. I filled out my equation and this was the first version 

But to graph an equation, it has to be simplified so I completed the necessary steps to completely simplify the equation. I actually tried to graph the original equation and when it didn’t work, thats when I realized it had to be broken down. Once I did that I saw on the graph how much money I would make over a certain period of time. In milestone 6 & 7 (the presentation and blog post) I reveal how much I would make if I did this job for one full year and once every week of that year, and how much I get paid every hour of doing the job, and more. 


As you may have read milestone 6 & 7 is all about the final presentation and this blog post. Once I hand this blog in, this project will finally be complete! How crazy is that! Its gone by so fast, but this post isn’t over just yet. Milestone 6 was the presentation, which means a video explaining and showing our project and our guideline was this criteria rubric. 

I finished draft one of my video, but I left somethings out that needed to be added, so I went back and revised. The video is a screen recording of a keynote presentation, and my voiceover and annotations over it. Here is the final product! 

Thanks for reading through my experience of our Time is Money project, see you in the last projects of the 2020 year!