Mon identité. Mi identidad. La mia identità. My identity. 

Take a wild guess of what our topic is today? Identity? It’s like you can read my mind, how did you know? Above we have 4 ways of how you can say “My Identity”, in 4 different languages. French, Spanish, Italian, and English, but what does it mean? By dictionary definition identity is: the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. But lets think about it, and get more specific. Identity can be an expression of your beliefs, values, ethics, your hobbies, interests, and experiences. It be your bad memories or good, your friends, and your family. We’ve been exploring into this topic these past 2 & 1/2 weeks, and we are studying how to put these words into a podcast show each of us are creating. Be sure to check out my show when we are finished this project by the way ;). 

Part of this course are something called “Stepping Stones” and “Milestones”, and as you can guess stepping stones lead up to milestones. This blog post is a second milestone, so we are moving fast through this project. Of course we can’t forget our old friend, the “Curricular Competencies”, remember them? Yep, they’re back. Speaking of competencies…

Competency Break! 

Creative Communicator

How might I use technology to create and communicate?

I can communicate clearly and express myself creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to my goals.

In this competency being assessed, it talks about using technology to create and communicate. After being in 2 years of the Performance Learning Program this competency should basically be part of my instinct now. After having some experience in this program, its become part of my identity. For my friends outside of PLP, I’m the “PLP kid” to them which shows how even a program can impact your identity. Not only does it change how people see you, but you can change too. Now I‘ve adapted to the PLP ways, and it’s become part of my day-to-day life.


In class, I mentioned we’ve been talking about this topic. In one of our exercises, we made our own definition of identity. Mine revolved around what I mainly mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, but I also said things like how your past plays a part in who you are today, and who you are today plays a part in who you are tomorrow. 

Some stepping stones we’ve come across are things like writing a bio poem, and making masked pictures that describe our identities. These activities were both done in class and were very entertaining, to say the least. Let’s talk about the bio poem.

A bio-poem, is a sort of a poem about yourself. I talk about all my attributes, and I describe myself and my identity you could say. You can get a feel as to who I am by just reading this poem, which is the point. Let me know what you think, and maybe even write your own bio-poem in the comments! This is my introduction to show the world who I am, and I’m sure you have one too. As we progressed, we have been building on looking deeper into ourselves, and then working on expressing that through podcasting.

Now have you noticed I’m mainly describing the circumstances that make up identity, but I’ll give you some personal examples in the form of a MindNode (which is a digital MindMap), that I think make up who I am, that also fits my description. 

Maybe you get a better sense of who I am, probably better than my “Me, Myself and I” page where I just say I like playing soccer. This goes deeper into really what makes me. There are many tools I could use to show you who I think I am and another one of those could be through a GIF.

Click here to see my GIF

This GIF has shapes that represent aspects of my life that have shaped me, in the figure of, well, me! You can even do this at home, on your iPhone, iPad, or computer. I know it may take a while to think about what really makes you, you, but it will make you more confident in who you are, and will give you a chance to create more opportunities to add to your identity. 


With any project, comes challenges and obstacles we are bound to face. One of my challenges, has been and I think I will face is being honest with myself. Of course I want to be known as perfect and amazing, but acknowledging my difficulties and calling myself out is going to be hard. I need to really point out what is going on in my head, during not only the podcasting, but also while learning how to construct my identity into a project. This is going to be a much-needed journey I think, and a goal I’ve set is that I’m going into this with a headspace of improving myself as a better person with a positive mindset!  

Before we part, we have to acknowledge that this is the first post of the 2020/2021 year on this blog site. How special, a milestone I would say. There will be more on this topic, and the end product will be a podcast show, so if you want to listen these words turn into a voice, be sure to join me and keep up with the journey of this podcast/identity project. 


For now.