What’s this? Another learning portfolio? B-but Malaika, you just posted one! Well, ladies and gents, this is not another learning portfolio, its something we are starting called a “Weekly Reflection Post”. Fun right? 

You are probably wondering a lot of things about this post, like what’s with title. Let me tell you a legendary tale about a man named Bryan Hughes, who is in love with Bidets. We discussed these & the importance of them in class, and how almost all over the world people can’t/don’t use toilet paper! Its one of the small things that I consider thankful for, to be living in such a privileged place where we don’t have to think twice about using or buying toilet paper. I mean the story doesn’t sound so legendary, but its true. Bidets a truly a wonderful topic, which is why we are to discuss the future of them. I mean they do make life a million times easier, can’t argue with that. If you are reading this far and you’re like “what the HECK is a bidet???” Click here to learn about what they are and why they exist. 


Other than the fascinating topic of bidets, we also ended a project and started a project this week. It was action-packed week, lets just say that. At the beginning of the week, we were finishing up with a project all about podcasting and identity. If you want to know what that is all about, go read my learning portfolio all about it. By Wednesday, our podcast trailers (which was our end product of the podcasting & identity project) were finished and on Thursday, we switched teachers and classes, from Maker with Ms. Willemse, to Humanities with Ms. Maxwell. Instead of going to class every second day, now we attend Humanities everyday no matter what. Lots of change, but I think in a positive way. I finished my learning portfolio on the podcasting project, which I had a lot of fun writing so you should check that out if you haven’t yet. 

In our Humanities now, we have started a new project entitled “The Greatest Canadian”. It’s definitely a question we can’t answer on the ball, so we started out by defining the word great.


There’s a show by CBC called “The Greatest Canadian” actually, and the people involved researched a ton and compiled a list of who they thought deserved a spot on the top 10 Greatest Canadian list. As of now (the list hasn’t changed), it is all men, and the majority are Caucasian. As times have changed, I want to focus and give recognition to the amazing coloured Canadians that deserve a spot on my list of who I think are the “Greatest Canadians” This is a goal I’ve set, to try and bring awareness and support these people and I’m excited to do some research into this specific topic. 

I know that this might dive into some controversial or political opinions, but that is all about what this project is about, opinions. Everyone’s list of who they nominate as the “Greatest Canadian” is not going to be the same. Another goal I want to pay attention to is my detail in my research and getting credible sources, because I want to be backing up my opinions. I’ve always be okay at the citing MLA sources, so this project is my chance to target that and get better at.

Speaking of politics, lots of voting and elections are taking place now, or soon. We have the USA election on November 3rd. We have our own provincial election in British Columbia on October 24th. Lots of politics and opinions going on in the neighbourhood and in the world, so it seems like opinions is a common theme currently in the world. We have a lot to learn from what’s happening right outside in our backyards and I’m hoping to be getting a feel of what people around me are feeling with all these political decisions being made.  

However this week felt good, because I finished strong on my podcasting project, and the end product of that, is something I am super happy and excited about. I am really mainly proud of the progress I made on the “Creative Communicator” competency, which at the start of the project I wasn’t really demonstrating it to its fullest capacity. I could acknowledge that I wasn’t really pushing myself to use my tools and creatively communicate what I was trying to say. But by the end, I feel like I accomplished what I wanted to in my final podcast trailer AND my podcast cover art. 

Our weekly reflections are going to be pretty short so you get a feel of what happened over the week, how I felt I did, and whats coming next for next week. I am definitely going into “The Greatest Canadian” project with a fun perspective, and I can tell you I will enjoy myself. 

Same time next week? 

See you in a bit then.