I see you’ve found your way back to our weekly reflection posts! Well, we are glad to have you back as today will be a little change to our past weekly posts. You all know about my podcast (hopefully, if you don’t check out my previous posts first!), and how my topic is all about music, which is technically an art form. Another form of art, something I consider art, is literature. Not like the love stories or Harry Potter, like William Shakespeare, Edger Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway and Arthur Conan Doyle. These names may sound familiar, and probably because you’ve heard them being mentioned in movies, TV shows, in conversation or maybe you’ve read their writings and are interested in their lives. When I was younger, I was a sucker for Arthur Conan Doyle’s words. He just had a writing style that connected with me, and I used to read his books from the library.

Of course we’ve all heard of Sherlock Holmes and his adventures, but nowadays we have TV shows, renditions and re-done programs that depict the life of Sherlock. Arthur Conan Doyle was the author of ‘The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’, which means the world of Mr. Holmes, the greatest detective, came from his mind. I read that entire series over and over, I just loved the way he expressed emotion through old English, and I felt like I just understood everything without having anyone explain them to me, which I was very proud about. 

In class this week, we read a story from Edger Allan Poe, who when I read his story ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ with the class, reminded me of Arthur Conan Doyle right away. I could tell I was going to enjoy this activity about literature which feels weird to say, now that I think about it. Usually I would probably say something like “uuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhh…..literature?? Boring.” But honestly, my inner child who loved reading, kicked in when I started reading about an old murder mystery that is the ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’’s plot. 


  • This is a piece of art my sister drew, on a rainy Tuesday night.

Literature, music and art itself has been an influential piece of my life, since I was a child. My mother is also a sucker for well written books, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her nightstand empty, its always filled wth 2 or 3 books from the library. My dad (although he will never admit it) is probably the best artist I’ve every met. He can look at something and transfer it onto paper with each detail included perfectly. I’m sure I got both genes, but I’m pretty similar to my mum, because my sister is also a very respectable artist. When I got into music and reading at a young age, I think our family just adapted the lifestyle of having art apart of our daily lives.

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