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Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering, a fascinating new technology, that could quite literally change the world. As much as using genetic engineering can help humanity in many different ways, it can be detrimental to how we evolve. You might ask, how could it… Continue Reading →

The (sort-of) Grand Finale

Welcome, to the final event. That sounds incredibly eerie, but basically welcome to another end to a project. This is a special end, however, because this is the last Summative project post that I’ll be writing for the year of… Continue Reading →

The Drive-Thru

You may or may not have heard, we’re doing another Exhibition! If you are new, or just don’t really know what an exhibition is, is basically the grand finale to the year that we, the students, put on for you,… Continue Reading →

Time for a Name Change?

Hello folks of the blogging world! Sorry for a post later than usual, but honestly this past week, I had nothing I felt motivated to write about, thats why this post is being posted a little later.  I mean don’t… Continue Reading →

The Arts & Culture

“Turn it Up”, your go-to podcast for all things music, is coming out with yet another episode! This episode however, I want to tackle some more serious topics, compared to other episodes. I wanted to talk about how big a… Continue Reading →

We are Jazz.

The word “Jazz” derives from the slang word “Jasm”, which originally meant energy, vitality, spirit and pep. The genre however, involves the playing of instruments like the drums. It takes a level of advanced talent, being able to improvise on… Continue Reading →


As a child, I never wanted fun to end. It was a concept unknown to me. I always wanted to keep that feeling of euphoria going, because it was something enjoyable and honestly, I think anyone that feels a glimpse… Continue Reading →

Its Been a Hot Min…

Hey hey hey, it’s been a minute since we were last together! We had a full 10 weeks of being away, but here we are back again. I want to give you sort of an update, which will help get… Continue Reading →

I (don’t) Love Love

Romeo and Juliet? Uh you mean, like, the love story? Where they…kiss? Ew. Nope, nope, nope. Logging off right now. My first thoughts about being introduced to the play of Romeo and Juliet, are those words above. The only part… Continue Reading →

Appreciation Post

My fellow weekly post readers! Welcome to another one! You may be thinking, is this post going to update us on the podcasts? Another episode coming? Well, not yet, and for the next couple posts, you aren’t going to hear… Continue Reading →

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