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Welcome welcome welcome! Another week gone in the new year of 2021. This also means progressing in our learning of Romeo and Juliet, which is a play written by William Shakespeare. If you read my last post you know that… Continue Reading →

Write to a Star-Crossed Lover

Good day to you all.  Now you may be wondering why I’m writing in a British accent. Well, I wasn’t until I just pointed it out, but very well we may continue. What you are probably wondering is why I… Continue Reading →

The Greatest Who???

Da blog, da place to be. Welcome everyone, back to another 5000 word post. Juuuuust kidding! Unless… Nah I’m just kidding, I don’t think I would have the energy to write a 5000 word blog post, but I did have… Continue Reading →

Bidets, Podcasting & The Greatest Canadian

What’s this? Another learning portfolio? B-but Malaika, you just posted one! Well, ladies and gents, this is not another learning portfolio, its something we are starting called a “Weekly Reflection Post”. Fun right?  You are probably wondering a lot of… Continue Reading →

Existential Questions Pt.1

Mon identité. Mi identidad. La mia identità. My identity.  Take a wild guess of what our topic is today? Identity? It’s like you can read my mind, how did you know? Above we have 4 ways of how you can… Continue Reading →

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