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Listen Carefully: A Learning Portfolio

Shhh…you hear that? Thats the sound of our first PLP project of Grade 10 baby, welcome back. If you haven’t been with us since Grade 8, let me catch you up. In Grade 8, we studied the STILL image, doing… Continue Reading →

Existential Questions Pt.1

Mon identité. Mi identidad. La mia identità. My identity.  Take a wild guess of what our topic is today? Identity? It’s like you can read my mind, how did you know? Above we have 4 ways of how you can… Continue Reading →

Witness to History

The 3rd and final blog post of this long weekend. Here we are. Each blog post I’ve written these past 3 days have been for different subjects. Friday: Scimatics, Saturday: Humanites and Sunday (today): today we will be focusing on our… Continue Reading →


DI has always been an…experience to say the least. But whether its a positive or negative one, I always make sure to have fun in the progress of practicing, and learning how to perform. We started off things a little… Continue Reading →

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Teamwork? Dream work? Let me explain in only a couple words: Teamwork= Soccer Team + Dream work= Maker Video = LIVE EVENT VIDEO!!!! How did I come to that conclusion? Well, you see, you are ALL in for a treat… Continue Reading →

I’m Running out of Titles Man.

What a time to be alive. All the rich, and beautiful…. knowledge from Maker, of course. What did you think I was talking about? Maker has brought out some amazing ideas, footage, and, in the end, videos out of me…. Continue Reading →

RUN-ning away from this project.

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