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Water Bottles R Dank??

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Witness to History

The 3rd and final blog post of this long weekend. Here we are. Each blog post I’ve written these past 3 days have been for different subjects. Friday: Scimatics, Saturday: Humanites and Sunday (today): today we will be focusing on our… Continue Reading →

Gold?… no it’s GOLD!

Welcome back everybody. You are getting lucky this week. 2 blog posts and 1 still to come tomorrow! Lots and lots of content. Last blog post was about our latest scimatics project, but this one will be talking about our… Continue Reading →

Time i$ Money

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another blog post, sponsored by quarantine! As you may know due to COVID-19, schools in my district have shut down and us kids are now doing work from the comfort of our own beds. Some… Continue Reading →

Wingin’ It Once Again

Hello and good day to you all! Welcome back from the break! As you may know, we started this year as a normal one, little did we know there was a…surprise waiting for us just at the end of December…. Continue Reading →

Let’s get Riel!

Three blog posts published in one day? You guys are getting a lot of content out of me! Whats up guys welcome back to the blog of Malaika! Today we are talking about our latest humanities project entitled: Let’s get… Continue Reading →


DI has always been an…experience to say the least. But whether its a positive or negative one, I always make sure to have fun in the progress of practicing, and learning how to perform. We started off things a little… Continue Reading →

Metaphor Machines

How can we represent the scientific method? What factors affect the function and efficiency of electric circuits? These questions helped us get through and build our Rube-Goldberg style metaphor machines. These machines had to include hand crafted series of parallel… Continue Reading →

Will you join? Or will you resist?

The question of a lifetime. But you cannot simply answer this question in one sitting, oh no no no. You may ask what we are joining, what we are refusing? Well, our main goal, to get all the colonies (New… Continue Reading →

Smooth. E.

I guess you could say I LIKE Terms.  Welcome to a blog post about my favourite subject, math. When I was young, I was fascinated when I was being taught Math and I just loved how everything connects, to me… Continue Reading →

MPOLS 2020

You can probably already tell that this blog post is going to be long, and if you guessed that, you are correct. Its mPOL season baby! mPOL stands for Midyear Presenation of Learning, and its our chance to showcase our… Continue Reading →

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