PowerPlay or how it started

 The driving question is: what was the mediaeval worldview? I showed that in my work, the rich get richer and the poor, get poorer.This is an example of society and economy mediaeval worldview


Another part of mediaeval worldview is that if you believe in God, you would be protected. This wooden painting of Saint Vincent is an example of their beliefs that God will protect them.It  shows that they’re trying to make him break his faith. nature and God help him survive Nature. after he was dead, they helped him so he could get properly buried

Another part of mediaeval worldview is that if you believe in God, you would be protected. This wooden painting of Saint Vincent is an example of their beliefs that God will protect them.It  shows that they’re trying to make him break his faith. nature and God help him survive Nature. after he was dead, they helped him so he could get properly buried

We went through this project.The way I went through it was, organized I would do the thing that was due immediately, and then I would move onto the next thing until there was nothing do.

We went through this project.The way I went through it was, organized I would do the thing that was due immediately, and then I would move onto the next thing until there was nothing do.

I realize I was proficient when I had no more work to do, and I was actually surprised when I had a break from all the homework. because I worked hard.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Robert Frost



This poem represents my world view because with time everything gets older and decays. It will all eventually become dust and nothing. I believe that my world views will change and eventually disappear because I will no longer exist. Another pandemic or another war could change my world view drastically. I will probably find out that the world will find a way to ruin everything. I feel like every couple of years my world view gets darker because of things that happen to me. People making promises and not following through, people I know suffering from a bunch things, learning about the Middle Ages and how dark people could be, learning about the first two world wars, pandemics and wars happening now.


Johnnie was telling Ponyboy to stay young and good. My worldview might change to the positive if something similar happens like when I got two dogs in two years. If the world would just stop literally trying to rip itself then maybe I could see the gold in everyone.

It’s the End of the World


My World View


  • Our BC geography is so nice people like outdoor activities
  • I have been taught by the school system and my parents that nature is better than anything else and I should spend all my time in it 
  • Everyone needs a good rain jacket and waterproof everything
  • From experience. If you live in BC you know what I mean. Anytime I think that it won’t rain and don’t take a jacket it will rain and I’ll get soaking wet and yelled at by my parents. 
  • Our geography makes us think the environment is important
  • We live on the side of a mountain. In the morning we can ski on the top of a hill and go for a swim in the afternoon. This geography feels like one of a kind. 
  • Time

  • If you have a family you should get more time off work to spend with them
  • I hate it when I’m home alone and I have to wait for my mom or dads to get home. I understand why they can’t be home right away.
  • I like when people are early to events
  • If I’m right on time I have no buffer and I will panic because I don’t know where I’m going. 
  • We should have more online services so we don’t waste our time in lines
  • I have heard of horror stories of going to the dmv. I do not like waiting in line because it is boring.
  • Beliefs

  • I believe in God but I don’t consider myself a Christian
  • I would like to think there is somewhere to go when everything is over and not just a void of darkness
  • I think you should be kind to everyone
  • If everyone is unkind then no will go anywhere in life. Life will be about revenge. I see that all the countries are at each other’s throats 
  • I believe in heaven
  • We have to go somewhere. You can’t just destroy energy. That’s impossible.
  • Society

  • Taxes should be lower because the government is wasting tax payer dollars
  • I see what the government does with our money. They wastes on things that no one asks for building more road they should be building more homes and making jobs near those homes so people doesn’t have to drive as much. 
  • Everyone should be treated equally by the law
  • I have seen lots of news about cops being corrupt. George Floyd 
  • Many governments are corrupt
  • I hear the news and grown ups talking about the things our government has done. Chinese spy balloon, Russia bullying Ukraine
  • Values

  • I value having family time
  • Playing games and sharing food, giving hugs. I feel happy, safe and calm when I am, with my family.
  • I think having friends and being good to them is very important
  • It makes me feel good to have lots of friends. My friends help me with stuff and make me laugh. I try to do the same. 
  • I value peace over war
  • War is just wasting time and resources. 
  • Economy
  • We should go back to using metals instead of just paper money
  • Paper money is worth nothing. It is backed by beliefs and propaganda. I want the gold standard back. It is actually worth something. 
  • Women and men should be paid the same money for the same job
  • Woman are still paid less than men. I think that’s stupid. 
  • So far I think capitalism has proven effective compared to communism. Communism in theory would be great but in practice it has gone horribly wrong. 
  • What I know about Communism is that everyone is treated the same and is equal. But what I have heard is that it has horribly wrong because leaders are psychopaths like Stalin,Putin and KimJong Un.
  • Knowledge
  • I think the school system needs an update. A picture of an average classroom in the 1940s is pretty much the same as an average today with just a grainy filter on it.
  • People like me (learning disabled) are now accepted in school and the same projects for every kid doesn’t work anymore. Everyone should get what they need to learn.
  • I think university should be free if you can get into it.
  • Students should not need loans. Knowledge should be free. I want to go to trade school where I get trained on the job.
  • Everyone should get super cheap internet services in their home.
  • Humans feel better when they are connected to each other. You shouldn’t have to chose between groceries and being connected to the world.


Becoming a PLP Student with a Learning Disbility

manfredsteger / Pixabay

PLP is good place for someone with a Learning Disability like me. It is way easier to complete assignments because I can use technology to finish them. I use text to speech. I also went into the accessibility settings and not my IPad reads to me. I am pretty smart but being in a normal school doesn’t show how smart I am. I am actually able to create something instead taking notes about stuff. I like to work in the groups because the work is not is as heavy. It still feels heavy but I know it actually isn’t because the other people in the group share the load. I struggle with losing papers a lot because of my ADHD in normal school. There is a lot less paper and I can always find things in Showbie and Basecamp. In the mornings there is Tutorial.  It is not only for PLP, it is also for Math.  If I run out of time the previous day I know I have time in the morning with the teacher. My old school there was no time to be with the teacher on my own. It is making a minor difference but that minor difference is helpful. It makes me feel a bit better. Normally I would be really worried all the time. LAC replaces classes like French. I don’t do French at all because of IEP. I really had a hard time in French. LAC helps me catch up on work if I miss Tutorial time. When it is the middle of the day it is a great time to cool down. I get annoyed when it is third period because I always think it is lunch time. EA’s help me sometimes in class. He helps everyone regardless of learning abilities. I don’t stand out that way. I don’t like standing out.


Tips for PLP Students with Learning Disabilities or ADHD

To be successful in PLP with a Learning Disability you should:

1. Make sure you don’t put off everything until the last minute

2. Don’t forget to take your pill

3. I separate my work into chunks

4. When I am at home I listen to music or videos to help me focus

5. Going into Setting to make sure the IPad can speak to you

6. Use Text-to-Speech – be loud and speak slow

7. Talk to your teachers about your Learning Disability/ADHD. If they don’t know they might not adapt things to help you

8. Go to teachers and ask for help during class, after class or Tutorial

9. In LAC ask for help, don’t just hang around with your friends


Keynote Presentation

How I got to make the video was I took it from Keynote and exported it to Photos and import it to YouTube and then I posted it.



Maker Projects

I used the fill tool to create something that I have dubbed the Shrek Shoe. I also made a pumpkin.


Figit – I made it in Keynote.  It was weird and took me a couple of days to figure out. You click on a shape and then you add another shape. Make sure is it rotated so it is not exactly the same. Then you animate it so it spins.


The Story of Wally and Ben



Ben Kenobi was a dog we adopted from Princeton in August 2022. The first time I saw him he was scared of me. After a day, he warmed up to me. We’ve had a lot of walks, a lot of adventures and a lot of him eating everything I own. But, he really likes to eat my mom’s stuff. Here are a few fun facts for Ben: Number 1: He will find the biggest sticks he can so you can throw them.  One time he brought back a tree. Number 2: he caught a dead salmon at the when he was swimming at the beach and tried to eat it. He is the cutest being in the universe and no one can make me change my mind. Follow him on Instagram @benkenobijedilab

The story of Wally. He is the second buddy I own. Wally was a stray in Squamish that one of my dad’s coworkers found. He is a bylaw officer. He was adopted by 2 people for a year. The reason he is with me is because they were moving into a place where they couldn’t have any dogs. My dad happily accepted to take care of the dog. Here is a few fun facts about Wally: He will try to bite your face off, he won’t eat everything he sees, if you pet his head and rub his belly at the same time he will roll on his back and go crazy. Another fun fact: he will only eat his food if it has water in it, he hates squirrels with a burning passion and I worry about him ripping my arm off. He is also the cutest thing in the universe.