Find a penny, pick it up, then all day you’ll have good luck

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What is luck? If someone told you to draw a sketch of luck you wouldn’t be able to. Luck is just of one of the many concepts humans have come up with. As described in the Noah Webster dictionary luck is “a purposeless, unpredictable and uncontrollable force that shapes events favourably or unfavourably for an individual, group or cause”. In this blog post I will be researching this concept with the evidence given from Helmut Lemke’s interview. Helmut Lemke’s is a WWII veteran who my class was very fortunate to have. He was able to tell us his incredible story.

Young Helmut

    After hearing his very amazing story about his life we were assigned a small a project about a concept of our choice. My classmate Chloe and I have decided to make a podcast about the concepts of luck.

In our podcast I will cover some of Helmut  Lemke’s stories that represent this concept. In our podcast I will cover an inquiry question I have come up with.

Recent picture of Lemke

My question is:

“How much of a role does luck play in the survival of soldiers during the war, and after?”



In my podcast we will cover several questions. These will help us get a conversation started that will lead us towards the answer to our question. Some of the questions covered will be:

  • How did luck affect his journey?
  • Was he aware of his luck?
  • Where would he be today without luck?
  • Examples of his luck

Now unto the Podcast! We created this podcast by simply creating a rough script that we could follow. It wasn’t exactly a script but more of a guideline that initiated dialogue. We did this ater school. The whole podcast idea was new to me and seemed very intimidating, but omce we were talking and we forgot we were recording things started going really well.

We recorded everything on Chloe’s Ipad using Opinion app. This app allows you to split voice recordings, name them and order them the way you would like them to be. After you are done with your project it lets you export it using several apps including SoundCloud.

Finally, Here is our Podcast!

As you can hear from my voice, I was really nervous in the beggining. It felt awkward at first but things started getting easier as we kept speaking.

Shout Out to Chloe for making me feel comfortable and for helping me get through hearing my voice recording!



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