Flexing in New Mexico

Thinking about thinking is weird. Actually looking at, and assessing how you think requires a different kind of inward view that can be difficult. Thinking about thinking can be very beneficial for self reflection and becoming a better thinker overall though. As I’m writing this I can tell you that I have been practicing, and […]

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A Night to Remember

As the year comes to a close, PLP celebrates. We celebrate by showing off our learning collectively at the annual spring exhibition. A night where everyone can create something good and collaborate to make it great. This year, the PLP 10’s whole exhibition was based around BC. Everyone did a topic that surrounded or had […]

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Tpol 2019

  Why am I ready to advance to the next grade level? This is the question I am asked at the end of every year in PLP and each year it seems I have a similar answer. I feel like I got better at this and that and I ended up learning a lot because […]

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Recently in science class I have been learning a lot about energy. Especially the transfer of energy and renewable energy. I learned about where energy comes from, what types of energy exist around us and where energy comes from. With this learning came a project that I worked on with Daniel. We built and designed […]

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My Time Machine

My personal growth plan is a plan that I set for my self all the way back in the fall. It’s a deal with my teachers and my self that says I will continue to grow as a learner. It says I will try my best to follow my plan and the goals that I […]

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Workin’ On It

Going to work is an everyday thing. The large majority of adults go to work and spend a large portion of each day at work. At work, it’s Important to stay safe. As a young person that is joining the workforce, it’s important that I’m properly trained and know what I’m doing. That’s why in […]

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Plan your plan

Recently in maker, my class has been going a lot more into the career life education or CLE side of things. CLE has a lot to do with you’re future, who you are, and how you live your life. It’s a great course if you’re trying to figure out what you want to do as […]

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The People’s Podcast

Over the school year in humanities,the PLP 10 class has had somewhat of a theme in podcast projects and podcast creation. The goal of this is to refine podcast skills and have really great podcasts by the end of the year. Our recent project, The People’s Podcast was no exception. For this podcast, 5 groups […]

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Destination Imagined

Destination Imagination is not your standard high school project. There’s no poster boards with paragraphs glued to them, monotone oral presentations or last minute Prezi’s. Destination imagination is a project where you can put your craziest ideas together with friends and channel them into something meaningful. Want to break things? Engineering. Build things? Technical. I […]

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Hey, Can I Get Your Number?

In your average science or math class you usually do lots of lessons at the beginning of a unit. After that, you take a quiz, study, and then a test. This kind of format is great for learning things quick but it often has no connection to the real world. In Scimathics however, things are […]

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